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I finally got a sniff of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille...

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squoosh Sat 08-Apr-17 11:28:36

...and it smells like that Karvol stuff my mum used to put on my pillow in the 1980s when I had a blocked nose. grin

I'm yet to find a Tom Ford fragrance that knocks my socks off. Just as well considering the price.

Truckingalong Sat 08-Apr-17 11:30:46

It's not a compulsory perfume you know.

squoosh Sat 08-Apr-17 11:31:55


squoosh Sat 08-Apr-17 11:32:36

Which perfumes are compulsory oh trucking one?

Bluntness100 Sat 08-Apr-17 11:32:55

No need to shout really.hmm

whatwoulddexterdo Sat 08-Apr-17 11:33:30

And this is why I rarely use mumsnet now..... The rudeness is staggering
I don't like the smell either. I'm really liking l'occitanes new one

Amrapaali Sat 08-Apr-17 11:33:56


Amrapaali Sat 08-Apr-17 11:34:54

I like Squoosh's "rudeness" Tom Ford's Santal Blush is da bomb. Try it Rude One

squoosh Sat 08-Apr-17 11:35:14

It's not shouting dear, as I didn't use my, y'know, ACTUAL VOICE.

squoosh Sat 08-Apr-17 11:37:24

Thank you Helpful One Amarapaali. I'll give Santal Blush a sniff next. Neroli and Costa Azzura also got my rude thumbs down.

MrsMeow Sat 08-Apr-17 11:37:48

Good God, the drama you find on the most inconspicuous of threads!

OP I'm with you, don't get the hype about TF although the bottles do look pretty. I wanted Tobacco Vanille to smell like old books/libraries with a log fire burning, all cosy and warm but yeah, it smelled...medicinal.

I bought Black Orchid a few years ago and ended up giving it to DH!

whatwoulddexterdo Sat 08-Apr-17 11:38:36

What about my suggestion? (Feel very aggrieved now) !!!

MrsMeow Sat 08-Apr-17 11:39:28

Penhaligons is lovely though if you like perfumes. I got sucked in by the gorgeous smells and spent £150 on a bottle of Halfeti without blinking blush

Dailymaildailyfail Sat 08-Apr-17 11:39:53

I don't like it either! Tom Ford Cafe Rose is better

squoosh Sat 08-Apr-17 11:39:54

And I will definitely try L'Occitane too! grin

Will probably be walking past one of their shops in a couple of hours actually. What's their new fragrance called Oh Lovely One?

MrsMeow Sat 08-Apr-17 11:40:15

Dexter, you need to SHOUT IT

MumBod Sat 08-Apr-17 11:40:24

Tom Ford perfumes are migraines in a bottle.

squoosh Sat 08-Apr-17 11:41:26

I quite like some Penhaligon's scents (they're old school 'scents' rather than perfumes aren't they?) even if they make me smell like an old lady from the 1890s.

whatwoulddexterdo Sat 08-Apr-17 11:41:55


Destinysdaughter Sat 08-Apr-17 11:42:29

Tom Ford perfumes smell completely different once they've been on your skin for a while, they don't smell great at first.

whatwoulddexterdo Sat 08-Apr-17 11:42:47

Oh sorry
(Crawls back under stone)

squoosh Sat 08-Apr-17 11:43:46


<nods approvingly>

squoosh Sat 08-Apr-17 11:44:41

Destiny I'm old fashioned. I like perfumes that smell good from the get go!

Hulder Sat 08-Apr-17 11:44:58

Had a sniff of Neroli Portofino once. Was OK but couldn't it was worth the price tag. Had a spray and it vanished rapidly sad

They just don't really do it for me.

CauliflowerSqueeze Sat 08-Apr-17 11:45:02

Why tell her it's not compulsory? That's the same for anything someone might share an opinion on.

I've just been to Vegas and I didn't like it
Well it wasn't compulsory!!!

I've ate at that new restaurant last night and I didn't enjoy the food.
Well it wasn't compulsory!!!

I watched a programme last night and it was useless.
Well it wasn't compulsory!!!

I can't stand green beans
Well they're not compulsory!!!

In the end, very few things are compulsory aren't they?

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