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Has anyone done the wowcher Mac make up lesson deal?

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Foslady Sat 08-Apr-17 10:38:09

Dd is 14 and is getting into make up and MAC seems to be the brand at the moment that she likes. As an under 18 year old I'd have to have it done too, which is ok as other than following the lines of my lips and eye liner I don't have much of a clue. It seems a bit too cheap though if that makes sense and don't want a treat to be a 3 hour disaster as we'd also have an hours travelling both ways. Anyone been on one and can tell me if they're any good? If it's just a 2 hour talk and then someone spending half an hour on you it seems a bit of a waste of time

wecantallbeperfect Sat 08-Apr-17 16:42:05

Gosh OP I 'treated' myself, my daughter and her friend along with her DM, firstly to the deal on Wowcher (it was in Manchester). Night before around 6pm they cancelled, I found out the same weekend that a number of DD's friends had also had the same thing happen.

Undaunted stupid I booked another through another site. Arrived in Manchester, it was upstairs in a pub and was delivered by a lecturer from Salford Uni, none of the products were Mac. Lecturer picked a volunteer and did her make-up. She then gave us one L'Oréal eye-shadow palette between four people and some cheap brushes to 'recreate' the look. The 'goodie bag' consisted of a £1 mascara hmm

Absolute waste of time and money! If you are going to do it just book at the MAC counter. I never got my money back from the first one either.

RawPotatoes Sat 08-Apr-17 17:18:35

I've not been on the wowcher one, but I have done the 1.5 hr MAC makeup lesson in their Spitalfields Boutique (I think it's also offered elsewhere). It was excellent value - £50 for one-to-one undivided attention, redeemable against products. I highly recommend it.

Ps. I definitely don't work for MAC, just thought it was really good!

Foslady Sat 08-Apr-17 20:06:56

Definitely sounds like booking direct with them is the way to go, thanks!

RawPotatoes Sun 09-Apr-17 07:53:25

Not sure where you are based OP, but I think MAC also does the lessons in their Selfridges concessions, if that's any help.

Emmac1972 Sun 12-Nov-17 15:58:03

Definitely wouldn't recommend wowcher make up lessons - tried to book a date but only let me book am or pm, no date or actual location address. So I emailed wowcher as I'd already booked s babysitter for Nov 11! Wowcher replied twice with an automated check out website, finally after god knows how much on telephone calls I got a response saying they couldn't help me as I'd booked in October and the date has passed! Suggested I email the provider who did not respond. Absolute con! Wouldn't touch wowcher with a barge pole - nothing like my experience with groupon who I find professional.

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