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Need the ultimate answer to leg hair removal. Permanent?

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LornaD40 Sat 08-Apr-17 08:49:48

Getting fed up with hairy, spiky, horrible legs!
Have shaved for years but they're spiky again by the evening. Have been home waxing for about a year but really not impressed by the results. They grow back patchy and most of the month is spent with them 'in between' - not attractive!
I've got a lumea but seems impossible to do full legs with it! Or even half legs!
Has anyone had the hair permanently removed? I'm interested in how and how much and is it worth it?

Hulder Sat 08-Apr-17 11:52:57

You want laser in a clinic.

However: you get the best results if you have the right sort of hair and skin tone. Dark hair on pale skin will get the best result Happily this is what I had

Also - it isn't permanent. Results are going to vary. Only electrolysis is allowed to advertise as permanent hair removal, everything else is hair reduction.

I've had my lower legs done, can't remember now how many sessions it was. I've had a very good result - there are still hairs there but massively fewer than before, much finer and a 2 minute shave and they are gone. My legs look really smooth. I decided to leave it there as trying to get every straggler was going to get expensive and I was happy with the result. Apparently lots of people just go back once in a while for a top up treatment - I might do if it gets worse but it's been a couple of years now and no change at all.

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