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Fiona Bruce should not be wearing black leather to read the news!

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gorgonzolasouffle Thu 08-Mar-07 22:26:40

I think she looks awful and should be on a motorbike!

while I am at it....what is it with Claudia Winkleman's fringe???? Horrible!! Such a bad style for her. Needs a trim!

serendippity Thu 08-Mar-07 22:39:13

Tis very weird myself and another mumsnetter have just been having the same discussion
It was awful!

gorgonzolasouffle Thu 08-Mar-07 22:41:35

Glad it wasnt only me!

She looked so cheap!

MrsWednesday Thu 08-Mar-07 22:44:02

Definitely not just you, I thought exactly the same thing.

Also agree about Claudia Winkleman's fringe (not to mention her very strange orange tinge)

gorgonzolasouffle Thu 08-Mar-07 22:46:14

When CW talks I sort of tilt my head to see if I can see her eyes.

Dont know why she winds me up really!

chocolatebirdy Thu 08-Mar-07 22:48:05

cant stand CW! She really irratates me!

I thought the same. Whats the BBC coming to.

CODalmighty Fri 09-Mar-07 08:14:24

me too

brimfull Fri 09-Mar-07 08:18:38

I think she actually curls her fringe too !

gorgonzolasouffle Fri 09-Mar-07 16:49:27

she must curl the cannot be so perfect.

Her fringe starts at the top of her head. i hate it when people do that! The fringe should be at the front of the hair line.


chonky Fri 09-Mar-07 16:51:10

My dh lurves Fiona B - I'm glad he didn't witness this leather debacle.

willywonka Fri 09-Mar-07 16:54:57

Reckon that Fiona Bruce is becoming more like the Jan Ravens impersonation on Dead Ringers (which was responsible for my favourite line "My name's Fiona Bruce and I'm sitting on the luckiest chair in the world" )

trice Fri 09-Mar-07 17:06:49

I couldn't believe that leather get up. she looked like a slapper. Not news reading clothes.

DrMarthaMcMoo Fri 09-Mar-07 17:10:09

Anyone remember that French and Saunders sketch where they are two secretaries looking bored, filing their nails and one says "did you see the news last night?" and the other goes "I know. Wasn't it awful? Just dreadful. I couldn't believe it." And the first one replies "I could barely watch - it was just too upsetting...what did she think she was wearing?!"

You lot are like that, pmsl.

Lilymaid Fri 09-Mar-07 17:12:59

DH loved it!

willywonka Fri 09-Mar-07 17:15:11

Probably the BBC's way to make news more accessible to middle-aged men...

DeviousDaffodil Fri 09-Mar-07 17:19:55

Fiona Bruce has a bizaree wadrobe.
Do they choose their own clothes?
Although not as fluffy as that Kaplinsky bird.

amynnixmum Fri 09-Mar-07 17:23:30

It was a bit much wasn't it - more channel 5 than the beeb.

I quite like CW but I agree about her hair and bless her she always manages to look scruffy no matter what she's wearing.

willywonka Fri 09-Mar-07 17:25:31

I like CW because she always manages to look scruffy no matter what she's wearing - my kind of woman!!

twelveyeargap Fri 09-Mar-07 17:28:41

Didn't see it, but isn't black leather a no-no on ANY woman over say, 20???

Fimbo Fri 09-Mar-07 17:31:18

I only caught the tail end of the news last night when she was reading the closing headlines and I did think wtf is she wearing.

member Fri 06-May-16 22:12:49

I'm aghast at the clown shoes and half mast trews of tonight,

JackandDiane Fri 06-May-16 22:25:11

you waited NINE LONG YEARS?

taybert Sat 07-May-16 06:47:10

If someone comments on this thread every time FB wears a bad outfit then I'd say she's done pretty well. I've definitely had more than two bad outfits in 9 years.

LemonRedwood Sat 07-May-16 06:58:11

Oh god, I read this thread thinking I was going mad because I hadn't noticed Fiona Bruce or black leather at all on the news last night!

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