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Fat, big boobs, c-section tum - trying to look professional. Give up now?

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ToffeeForEveryone Fri 07-Apr-17 12:23:02

Was going to name change for this but also trying to own up to the state I'm in and sort myself out, so sod it.

Basically as per the title. I'm 5'6, size 18 all over, mahoosive fat boobs and now a very fat stomach and c-section overhang.

I feel ridiculous but since I had baby I have no idea what to wear to work. I'm trying to put together a professional wardrobe but just finding anything in the shops that will fit round me is becoming a challenge.

I live in stretchy dresses and cardigans. I own no trousers / skirts / tops outfits at all. All the skirts I find cling round my big low belly. Blouses are out cos the buttons gape.

Any suggestions where I should shop or styles I should try / avoid?

Booboo27 Fri 07-Apr-17 12:26:07

Could you get a few plain black stretchy tshirt dresses (ASOS and new look do them) and then wear black tights and jazz the outfits up with different coloured cardigans and blazers and some chunky necklaces? Sounds like that's pretty much what you're already doing though. Do you have to be very smartly dressed where you are or can you be smart/casual?

Almostthere15 Fri 07-Apr-17 12:29:54

Dresses are the answer. I look for fitted top and a more flared bottom. A fairly structured wrap dress would work. It's eye watering but fenn Wright mansion have a lot of well cut dresses. Wallis are a cheaper option.

A flare aline skirt with a fitted cardigan would skim the problem bits.

Hiw smart do you need to be?

BubbleBed Fri 07-Apr-17 12:31:33

Oversized blouses, which don't have buttons. They have a V at the top, and then go over your head. Sainsbury's had a great range for a while, as did Dorothy Perkins. One of these with a fitted stretchy skirt, tights, and nice shoes (i like Clark's brogues) and you'll look smart and comfortable.

ToffeeForEveryone Fri 07-Apr-17 12:32:37

We're smart casual really but I've been drifting to the casual frumpy end and need to up my game if I want to be taken seriously.

I'm rubbish with accessories too so need to sort that out.

Ideally I'd like a couple of good quality tailored / suit style outfits but can't find anything in plus size in my usual shops.

nonameinspiration Fri 07-Apr-17 12:33:25

Dresses and tights or leggings. Empire line to give you a waist

TheOnlyPink Fri 07-Apr-17 12:35:29

I'm size 20/22, and find that dorothy Perkins are great for work wear. They go to size 22 in main range, but have plus size section too that has some good basics for work.
Yours is another retailer I really like, they cater to all styles and they bloody well fit properly. Evans do busty fit shirts and dresses, if you want ones that don't gape.

V neck tops look good when you have big breasts. Other than that, I say wear what you like the look of!

I like shopping online, because it feels less pressured and I don't get upset when things don't fit. Also, when buying plus sized, most retailers have a much better selection online. Most shops have free returns too.

Some great advice I got, was to buy the size that fits, not the size you think you are. I'm mostly a 20 on top and 22 on bottom, but I've got some items that are a 26 on bottom, size 24 dresses etc. Don't care, I love them and they fit well. I felt so free when I realised it was true!

Booboo27 Fri 07-Apr-17 12:37:35

Some chunky necklaces and a smart handbag with a nice fitted blazer can make the most boring of outfits (plain black dress or black leggings and black top) look much nicer. ASOS have a curvy section, and Simplybe caters for size 12-32 and they have some lovely things

HiDBandSIL Fri 07-Apr-17 15:55:34

Weirdly I was about to post pretty much this question myself yesterday. I've piled on over 3.5 stone in the last nine months and have no idea how to dress myself anymore. I'm the fattest I've ever been.

At the moment I'm surviving in empire line dresses at work. TBH, everyone must think I'm pregnant again. I don't know what the answer is.

DianaT1969 Fri 07-Apr-17 18:45:23

Is this type of dress any good? With opaques and brogues now but sandals later.

Would look smart with a navy blazer.

thebakerwithboobs Fri 07-Apr-17 18:53:27

My shape changed totally a few years back and I had the same issue as you-no idea how to dress it. I saved up a little and then booked a session at our local Debenhams with a personal shopper (I'm pretty sure the shopper herself was free...) It was amazing. She measured me beforehand then she whizzed about getting outfits for me. We had a scream and she gave me stuff to put on which looked great, but I never would have picked. Highly recommend this or something similar if it's possible for you to buy a few new bits?

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