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Talk to me about laser hair removal please

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HirsuteHilary Fri 07-Apr-17 10:53:54

I've decided to finally tackle the furriness which has stopped me wearing a swimsuit for years (I can't face the pain of waxing any more so just gave up). Not "just" bikini line - my upper thighs and buttocks have quite a lot of downy dark hair too. My skin is pale, so I think this means laser is likely to work? My questions are: 1) should I get a professional laser place to sort this, or is there a home laser kit that genuinely works, and 2) if I have to go to someone, will they be all judgey about the fact I have hair in unusual places (for a woman)?!

Thank you all!

MoonlightandMusic Fri 07-Apr-17 23:53:22

Can't comment on the professional vs home, but, for the other questions:

I used a cosmetic surgery clinic, so they used medical grade lasers (much stronger than salon ones, so more effective)

Yes, lasers do work most effectively with a pale skin/dark hair combination.

From my experience, the professionals were great. Went over three years (the frequency between each visit gets longer each time). Had face, bikini and under-arms done. Only needing to consider going back now, seven years later (will prob add in tops of legs & lower arms this time).

No, not even vaguely judgey - whatever you want done, is done!

As well as the medical grade laser bit, do make sure you research the clinic thoroughly. They should be happy for you to do an 'ask questions' visit, without pressuring to sign-up there and then too.

birdsdestiny Fri 07-Apr-17 23:58:40

Moonlight beat me to it. Go to a clinic not a salon. The one I used was attached to a hospital staffed by gp and nurses. I used salons before this and it just didn't work. Clinic was excellent, I now need to go about once a year for a top up. You need to brace yourself for the cost.

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