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Aldi Lacura Caviar Serum

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hollyisalovelyname Thu 06-Apr-17 23:51:51

Has anybody used it.
If so, your thoughts please.

123rd Fri 07-Apr-17 00:14:43

Is it in the red pot? I have bought the red one with the pipette thingy.
I only use it as a moisturiser as recommend by some one else.
It's ok... Find it a bit tacky

UntilTheCowsComeHome Fri 07-Apr-17 00:32:22

I've only used the day cream which is brilliant.

123rd Fri 07-Apr-17 00:47:09

I think I tried the day cream but found
It to heavy for me. A few hours after applying I could still run it off my facehmm that's why I was recommended the serum. But the cream felt a lot more moisturising straight away

nonameinspiration Fri 07-Apr-17 01:01:32

If it helps the Lidl caviar cream is lonely I use the night cream. Can't get my hands on the day cream though.

hollyisalovelyname Fri 07-Apr-17 07:29:23

Not in a red pot.
It's little black pearls (caviar look alike).

Nellyphants Fri 07-Apr-17 07:48:41

I use it, it's great. As good as the Estée Lauder serum

missmartha Fri 07-Apr-17 08:33:29

I use the Day Cream and I love it.

tobleroneaddict Fri 07-Apr-17 09:14:43

I use the day cream and it's really good. It is heavy, but I like that. It feels more like a night cream tbf. Only negative is it only has SPF 15, which is neither here nor there!

hollyisalovelyname Sat 08-Apr-17 09:18:44

Do you find rubbing in the black cream disconcerting?
It makes my face look dirty but does sink in.
Is it a copy of the upmarket Swiss brand La Prairie or similar?

swizzlestar Sat 08-Apr-17 09:21:29

I use the moisturisers and love them. I haven't been able to get the caviar serum but would love to try it.

I use the serum in the red bottle. It feels slightly sticky when it goes on, but dries/sinks in beautifully.

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