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Skinny tan disaster

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Polkadot1974 Thu 06-Apr-17 21:55:16

I fell prey to an offer on Facebook and bought the mousse and various bits. Put it on last night but not in very good light so is very patchy. Should I try and scrub off or reapply or just wear polo necks for a week?!!

MiniMum97 Thu 06-Apr-17 22:05:24

I would cover up personally but I have sensitive skin that wouldn't take too well to too much scrubbing. I would get some scrubby gloves and exfoliate gently twice a day. In my experience with fake tan in a few days it should much lighter and be pretty much gone.

If you need to blend in the meantime you could get an instant tan product (one that washes off) or a gradual tan. If I've used fake tan in the past I would always use a gradual tan to blend it as it fades as sometimes it can fade unevenly.

I now never use fake tan. It's a pain to put on. You have to sleep in it which is unpleasant and it's often patchy or fades patchily. I have very dry and fair skin and I've often been left with super dark hands, knees and elbows despite taking all the recommended precautions.

Instead, I have recently found Tropics gradual tan. It's a really nice colour, goes on evenly and doesn't leave me with dark knees etc. I've tried loads of products and it's the best one I've tried. The great thing about any gradual tan is that you can put it on and it's just like moisturiser. And you can just add each day until you are the colour you want so you don't overdo it. Tropics products are also completely natural and non-toxic. They also do a wash off one.

Tropics is only online (or it's sold a bit like Tupperware through parties) so if you need to grab one quick, Dove body lotion with tan is pretty good but it's obviously not a natural product.

Polkadot1974 Fri 07-Apr-17 20:13:08

Thanks. I think I overloaded it looking at a video where someone used just one pump per arm. I'm in long sleeves!

MiniMum97 Sun 09-Apr-17 17:42:46


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