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Long skirt. Not jersey.

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PegEgg Tue 04-Apr-17 20:07:38

So I have psoriasis and therefore scabby legs. Summer dressing I find rather tricky. Would love to wear long skirts but for the last few years I can only find ones that are made in jersey fabric which I find looks too.....beachy.

Any ideas?

Fozzleyplum Tue 04-Apr-17 20:18:55

Pure Collection have a linen maxi skirt in the sale section of their website

gracearchersghost Tue 04-Apr-17 20:19:21

Wrap have some long skirts, as do Seasalt- usually in woven cotton- if that's the sort of thing for which you're looking.

PegEgg Tue 04-Apr-17 20:25:01

I don't really know what I want to be honest. Don't want to look frumpy or too beachy. I an mid 30s, size 8 and just want to be cool but "cool" in the warmer months. Much more comfortable when I can wear tights, sleeves and boots!

Fozzleyplum Tue 04-Apr-17 20:53:47

this any good? They have only size 8 left in the navy, or 8 and 10 in the white.

Mrsmaudwatts Tue 04-Apr-17 20:54:22

How we tall are you and what's your budget?

PegEgg Tue 04-Apr-17 21:39:27

The PUre Collection one is....nice, but the split would show my leg so doesn't really solve the problem. I am 5ft 5in. Neat hourglass but with sizeable boobs. Budget.......willing to spend more on something that will tick all the boxes.

PegEgg Tue 04-Apr-17 21:42:46

As a neat hourglass I feel I look rather silly in skinny jeans (and they can be hot in summer). Would love a trouser option. Feel I look the best in slim fitting bootcut but that seems so dated now!

Fozzleyplum Tue 04-Apr-17 21:44:46

Would you consider jersey, but in a "non beachy" colour like navy? If so, White Company, Boden and Pure Collection have these.

Fozzleyplum Tue 04-Apr-17 21:49:09

There are a lot of wide leg/palazzo styles around at the moment -would they be any good? Also, if you like pattern and can stomach the price, Peruvian Connection do a lot of longer length skirts and wide leg trousers.

margaritasbythesea Tue 04-Apr-17 21:50:38

I think that jersey ones can look smart but the trick is to get one with no pleats at all at the waistband. I have two - one from ASOS and one from Dorothy Perkins which are both jersey and look great for work.

Having said that, I am really struggling to replace them at the moment. They seem to have been replaced in that particular marketing niche by tube or ruched skirts. The closest I have come to ordering is this boden one. I haven't ordered because its really expensive and Boden sizing is well dodgy and I'm living abroad, so will probably have to pay return postage.

PegEgg Wed 05-Apr-17 07:57:47

Thank you.
The Pure Collection one is ruined by the split. Wouldn't keep me legs covered.

Often find myself looking at Peruvian Collection but the price stops me from actually buying anything! Maybe I should take the plunge.

Good point about pleating round waist and yes there are a lot to tube skirts about. I have been looking at the Boden one but Boden seem to make their clothes for Giants. I have two long dress from last year and I have to pick the up to walk even with wedges on!

Fozzleyplum Wed 05-Apr-17 08:01:53

Peruvian Connection is ridiculously expensive, but if you keep an eye on Ebay, there are often skirts available.

shirleycartersaidso Wed 05-Apr-17 08:09:32

Harem pants in a plain colour? Nice and cool and depending how you dress them less beach than a long skirt.

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