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Dress for funeral

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queenofawkward Tue 04-Apr-17 17:11:30

I need to find a plain black dress for a family funeral. I've tried looking in town but just didn't have the heart for it so I need to order something online. I'd like something quite fitted, above knee length, with sleeves - nothing low cut. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

I'm very short (5ft 2), size 8, pear shape, 30s

LindyHemming Tue 04-Apr-17 17:43:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ilovechocolates Tue 04-Apr-17 17:45:10

I'm short and skater dresses suits me and I saw this

queenofawkward Tue 04-Apr-17 23:58:04

Thank you both for looking! The skater dress isn't quite formal enough and the jaeger dresses are a bit long for me (the model in the photo is 5ft 9 and it's below the knee on her- would be ankle length on me! grin )

calzone Wed 05-Apr-17 00:04:10

I bought exactly what you have described in next.

ZaziesPaws Wed 05-Apr-17 07:14:45

Sorry for your loss flowers


2gorgeousboys Wed 05-Apr-17 08:05:05

I've spent the last couple of weeks looking for the same thing for a family funeral today (although I'm taller than you and anything I found was too short). In the end I've given up on a dress and found some black trousers in TK Maxx last night which I'm going to wear with a black silk shirt. Sorry I know that's not much help to you but I found lots of shops seemed to have light Spring colours and florals in rather than sombre blacks.

Chasingsquirrels Wed 05-Apr-17 08:12:19

Oh bugger, it's DH's funeral on Friday and while I have guided ds1&2 as to what I wear I haven't considered what I will wear. Yet another thing to deal with.

(DS's are wearing smart jeans and shirts, not black - ds1 is steel blue/grey and ds2 is bright red. They are the shirts they wore when we got married last year. I briefly considered wearing the dress I got married in, not a wedding dress as such, but decided not to - my SIL said unprompted she'd thought it might be nice if I did).

BikeRunSki Wed 05-Apr-17 08:29:00

Boden have a few black dresses, several with skeeves

weaselwords Wed 05-Apr-17 08:33:43

So sorry for your loss. I hope you are ok.

I've got a funeral tomorrow and came on to say Boden. Same dress will do for work too. I'm wearing the wrap dress I got back in September. This will be its 3rd funeral already sad

Chasingsquirrels Wed 05-Apr-17 08:39:43

I've just realised this is Style & Beauty, so not my natural home grin.
I suppose jeans and a tshirt isn't appropriate for the widow? Umm, thought so.
I have black dresses in the wardrobe, I'll have to try them on - most are probably at least a size too big as I lost weight a couple of years ago. One I got last year when DH was awaiting diagnosis and I was in denial. It's black but with flowers on IIRC, not worn yet. Maybe not appropriate either.

ZaziesPaws Wed 05-Apr-17 08:51:06

Sorry for your loss Chasing, you too 2Gorgeous flowers.

Chasing- black with flowers sounds fine. So do slightly too big dresses- would a belt pull one in enough? A too big dress might be ideal. I say this because, for my mum's funeral I wore a dress my aunts gave me (nice classic shift style work dress- she'd just retired). It went straight to the charity shop after, because I knew I would never be able to wear it again. So something you can get rid off without feeling guilty/wasteful can be good, particularly if it's the funeral of someone you are very close to.

NewPantsforaNewYear Wed 05-Apr-17 08:57:31

So sorry to hear if everyone's losses.

queen Dorothy Perkins petite wrap dress

Chasing I agree with Zazies. It may be easier to wear something you are happy to give away afterwards.

ithakabythesea Wed 05-Apr-17 08:58:48

So sorry for you loss. As a general comment, it is not expected that people wear black to funerals now (sadly I have been to far too many). Sombre plain colours and reasonably smart are all that is required, you do not have to buy a black dress especially for a funeral.

originalbiglymavis Wed 05-Apr-17 08:59:54

I wore a white linen suit to dad's funeral. He said no black and he died quite suddenly so we had to come back from holiday with a suitcase of bikinis and sarongs. I also had a Christmas decoration in my hair (a white china dove) which I had pulled off the tree at christmas and popped into my hair for a family dinner at a fancy restaurant (which he thought was very amusing).

I can't really remember mums - again she died quickly - very unexpected so I just had to throw clothes in a case and go home. I think it was a black dress with little flowers on it. She was very 'proper' so no Christmas baubels.

NewPantsforaNewYear Wed 05-Apr-17 09:01:10

Equally, the dress with flowers would be good and might show that you're standing with your son in his red shirt.

Chasingsquirrels Wed 05-Apr-17 09:28:17

It's less black that I remembered, and I don't think it looks as nice hanging there as it does on.
Would need a jacket of some sort, and shoes obviously.
I am SO NOT a dressy up person.

MinesaPinot Wed 05-Apr-17 09:47:45

I had a real rush around before my friend's mum's funeral last summer. I ended up in Wallis, buying a lightweight skater style dress with a tie belt, short loose sleeves and knee length which was predominantly black but had cream dots over it. I wore black shoes and carried a black pashmina. When I got there a lot of people were in navy or dark colours - even the close family weren't in plain black.

Wallis a good shout for that sort of thing - I think mine is one of their standard styles. Reasonably priced as well I think.

So very sorry for everyone who has lost a loved one. DH sister passed away unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago. Difficult time sad

Boogiewoogiebuglegirl Wed 05-Apr-17 10:13:22

Chasingsquirrels I am so sorry for your loss.

And TBH I think you can wear whatever the hell you feel comfortable in or what your DH would have liked. Anyone who would judge what a widow wears to her DH's funeral isn't worth worrying about anyway

NewPantsforaNewYear Wed 05-Apr-17 16:13:05

I think you could definitely wear that dress Chasing.

New Look have lots of possible shoes at good prices (presuming you don't already have some). These low courts would be good if you're not a heels person.

NewPantsforaNewYear Wed 05-Apr-17 16:19:03

They also have a very neat little cropped jacket - ignore the woman wearing hers with a bra!

Lucked Wed 05-Apr-17 16:24:04

You haven't mentioned your budget but winser miracle dresses are very comfortable. I have worn the grace dress in black to a few funerals.

neveradullmoment99 Wed 05-Apr-17 16:39:16 - Maybe with a little jacket on?

Chasingsquirrels Wed 05-Apr-17 22:49:30

Thanks NewPantsforaNewYear, wish I'd seen your post while I was in town this afternoon, I could have popped into New Look.
I tried dress on and I think it is fine, but needs a jacket or I'll be cold.
As you have so obviously surmised (give your shoe post) I'm not very stylish!
I've got a suit-y black jacket but something like that is much more appropriate.
I've got a bolero type grey one, which looked alright, but the only shoes that I have which would really go with the dress are purple ones (and I haven't tried them so the colours might clash) and they would just look stupid with a grey or black jacket.
I think I might be popping into town again in the morning.

Chasingsquirrels Thu 06-Apr-17 12:12:23

This is me in dress, plus shoes which I think match??
I'll wear tights as well.
I think it needs a jacket, or something.
Will those shoes be okay with a black jacket?
Or I've got a black wrap / throw thing that goes quite well, it a dark lilac one.

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