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twobambinos Tue 04-Apr-17 12:14:22

I have not so lovely bacne. Can any one recommend some products I can buy to clear this up thanks so much.

OhWellNeverMindEh Tue 04-Apr-17 14:22:03

I had this about 15 years ago, really sore, boil-like things. Went to doc, got some cream on prescription, cleared up a treat and never came back.

Good luck.

donajimena Tue 04-Apr-17 14:23:04

I got zineryt on prescription for mine. Cleared up lovely.

twobambinos Tue 04-Apr-17 15:49:16

Was hoping to buy something over the counter or a miracle recommendation for some type of shower gel. I think mine is being caused by products hair conditioner shower gels or fabric wash but I don't know. Thanks so much for the replies maybe a trip to the GP is in order flowers

FauxFox Tue 04-Apr-17 16:00:08

Clean and Clear moisturiser after every shower works a treat. Also try and make sure you wash your back with soap after you rinse conditioner from your hair to avoid the residue clinging to your skin - long hair is a bugger for causing a spotty back imo. A bit of sunshine also helps a lot in my experience.

Semaphorically Tue 04-Apr-17 16:03:59

Mine used to be hormonal (too old now, my skin has dried out). Do you take vitamin B6? It balances out hormones.

youlittlecharmer Tue 04-Apr-17 16:59:20

this spray seems to be helping mine, as well as giving my back an extra scrub in the shower after i've rinsed off my conditioner.

Softkitty2 Tue 04-Apr-17 17:09:57

Make sure you wash off your conditioner properly or flip wash your hair over the bath and see if it improves. If not you may need medication

pseudonymity Tue 04-Apr-17 17:23:21

There is a famous back spray that you get in Boots - tea tree and witch hazel back spray. I was recommended it on here, it works!

CJCreggsGoldfish Tue 04-Apr-17 17:31:10

Oooh - following these tips. I've had backed since my teens (now mid 30's). It's definitely hormonal as it disappeared when pregnant and breastfeeding. The pill Yasmin also worked a treat, but I don't really want to go back on it. Will give vitamin B6 a go.

twobambinos Tue 04-Apr-17 20:54:50

Thanks everyone. I'll pop to the local boots and pick up something and give that a go. I don't want to scrub as I'm afraid I will aggrevate it more.
Could be hormonal have changed pill in the last 6 months or it could be anything really. Going to research the b6 now. Thanks again

BumWad Tue 04-Apr-17 20:58:51

I use the Boots tea tree and witch hazel spray. It's good rarely get new spots but my back still looks seagull as I have a lot of scarring and pigmentation from years of boils and spots

BumWad Tue 04-Apr-17 20:59:14

Seagull = awful

Tanaqui Tue 04-Apr-17 21:00:47

SIlicone in conditioner makes my back spotty- try silicone free, or soap any residue off!

ZaziesPaws Wed 05-Apr-17 07:20:29

Alpha-H Cleansing Cube sorted out my bacne scars Bumwad. It's the Liquid Gold of backs.

First time I got bad bacne, a Body Shop Treet Tea body wash sorted it out (they don't do it now though). Then the next couple of times Zineryt was effective. But it stopped working eventually. The things that has gotten rid of it for good is going no dairy.

Hulder Wed 05-Apr-17 07:26:43

Bacne generally = trip to GP.

If you are lucky you can get rid by changing shampoo and conditioner to silicone free.

If unlucky - GP.

Acne is a medical condition, not a style and beauty one!

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