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Second hand jewellery

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TapStepBallChange Mon 03-Apr-17 21:56:27

Another thread about someone looking to sell jewellery has got me thinking as it said you don't get much for second hand jewellery. I lost my engagement ring, have been saving up to buy another, but I'm just wondering if I can get one cheaper second hand, but am not sure about quality and finding somewhere I can trust. I know the design, stone, metal etc I want. Anyone got any good experience of buying second hand and what to look for?

bojorojo Mon 03-Apr-17 23:29:29

I rarely buy new! Lots of jewellers have secondhand and it is fairly easy to know what is a good piece. Quality of stones and carat of gold are a good starting point.

I would suggest you have a look at older style jewellery shops in tourist cities that are a bit upmarket and antique centres.

I would caution though about having exact requirements. This might be difficult to find if it is a bit unusual. If straightforward you are bound to find something you like at a good price. Your money will go further. Craftsmanship can be higher quality too. What are you looking for?

CoolCarrie Tue 04-Apr-17 11:36:33

You definitely get more for your money in second hand jewellery I think, and maybe something unusual and remember rings can be sized, up or down, although down is easier.

Lululooselips Tue 04-Apr-17 11:38:09

You can also save money by having a ring made rather than going into a chain jewellers. Retail has a 50% mark up so your money will go a lot further having something made or buying second hand.

You can also source the stone from a second hand piece and have it set in a new mounting if you don't like the actual ring or metal.

TapStepBallChange Tue 04-Apr-17 20:07:56

Sorry meant to reply sooner, but work got in the way. I'm looking for a platinum solitaire about 0.4 carat, princess cut. Quite a common ring I think, they seem to be over £1500 on the high st, around £1000-1200 new online, so I was curious what one would cost second hand, but didn't really know where to start looking. Is it possible to get nearer £500? I'm off to London soon, was wondering whether to try Hatton Gardens. I do live near a tourist town (think ancient uni that competes in a boat race) but can't think of a jeweller immediately

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