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My 33 yr old boyfriend wants me to book him in for a facial.. which one?

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herestoshopping Mon 03-Apr-17 07:32:24

I am going to give my salon a call tomorrow when they open for advice as my beautician is a skincare genius, however, wanted to do a bit of research for him first! So he wants some kind of facial, or treatment, to put some life back into his skin. He's 33, only ever uses Nivea men's face wash in the shower when he remember, never really moisturisers and is a contractor so is out in the 'elements'/sun maybe 50% of the time.

I would say he has dry-ish skin, no blemishes, but has been looking quite "aged" lately, his words not mine! I.e. looks tired, dull, just lacking much life!

I had a course of light skin peels (Agera) along with microdermabrasions which helped amazingly but I have quite young skin so not sure if he would need something with a bit more oompf? He looks young for his age in general but he does have his fair amount of crows-feet and forehead lines.

Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks. smile

Softkitty2 Mon 03-Apr-17 14:20:00

Whatever treatment he has buy him an spf to apply everyday.. It would be pointless otherwise

BellyDancer124 Sat 08-Apr-17 22:20:40

I'm planning on booking DH in for a facial with clarins soon.. if you pop in and grab a brochure they have a page just for mens treatments, they look fab. Also get him some spf for everyday use! Maybe an spf face spray would be handy for him before work grin

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