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Maternity/nursing/sleep bras that don't cost a fortune

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RaindropsRoses Sun 02-Apr-17 22:48:18

Can anyone recommend some for big busts? I have been to so many shops and tried on so many styles and for some reason I just cannot find any that fit and are comfortable. I did an online order of 16 bras and only kept one! I also got one from tesco that I thought fitted but after a few hours of wearing it for the first time it started rubbing under bust/around the band? I'm 32 weeks now and so far just kept to normal underwired ones but I've reached the point I really need some soft ones and maternity ones ready for when baby arrives!

All the soft crop top/bralette sleep type ones I've tried do not have enough fabric to actually cover my boobs so I spill out the top! Unless I get a size far too big (like an 18) which has more fabric but then is too loose to actually provide any support sad.

At my wits end. TIA.

Teaandcake08 Sun 02-Apr-17 22:57:19

Don't have much advice as not blessed with terribly big bust but I found soft cup m&s nursing bras best. And I use primark sports bras to sleep in, so comfy and much more supportive than I'd think for cheapies!
Do you have a jojo maman Bebe store near you? I had a nightmare finding both maternity clothes for work and jeans to fit and their staff were amazing. Might be worth getting measured and fitted.
Hope you find something soon!
(Congrats on pregnancy btw!)

Teabagtits Sun 02-Apr-17 23:01:00

I've gone from 36'e to a 36gg/h and struggle to find anything affordable in that size. I actually find now they're bigger and more solid they bounce less and I can get away with no bra.

I was in H&M looking at their largest size and it would barely cover my nipple not pregnant.

Gaffe tape might work?

bluebiro Mon 03-Apr-17 00:33:16

The usual question - are you sure of your size?

Bravissimo might be your best bet for getting measured and getting bras, although not that cheap. I found their pyjama tops with inbuilt softcup bra brilliant for wearing at night for breastfeeding. There's also Hotmilk for nursing bras. Brastop often have reduced ones too.

Do not get measured at M&S or Mothercare - they are hopeless - and most other places can be iffy in their fitting technique too, so might be best to try to do it yourself following the link. You might change a bit in the next couple of months, but at least make sure you're around the right size!

(NB The advice is normally to make sure a bra fits on the loosest hook, so that as the bra fabric loosens over time, you can tighten it. However, with pregnancy, fit it to the tightest hook, then as your ribcage expands you can loosen it.)

You can still wear underwired bras as long as they fit well and the wire does not rest on breast tissue.

TheLongRains Mon 03-Apr-17 12:22:42

It's been a while since I bought mine, but a couple of years ago jojomamanbebe had some soft, elasticated ones, which are sort of firm but stretchy, if that makes sense. So they hold you well enough in place, but also expand and shrink as your boobs do. They don't give a fantastic shape for under dresses etc, but as pjs/ slobbing around wear, I've found them great. And I was large of breast before I was pregnant/feeding, so I can empathise with your situation well!

Spotsondots Mon 03-Apr-17 12:24:51

I second bravissimo. They are great and will fit you with something that actually fits.

TheLongRains Mon 03-Apr-17 12:26:54

Just checked - they have several still in jojo, up to about a 36F (the ones that I just checked, but others may go larger if you need). And not hideously priced, at £13.

TheLongRains Mon 03-Apr-17 12:29:08

Ooh, 38F!

I'd agree with bravissimo for good fitting shapely bras (once your boobs have settled a little), and they do a good range of sizes (but disappointing styles IMO) but if it's just for nightwear, the jojo ones still win for me.

noenergy Mon 03-Apr-17 12:42:19

Miriam Stoppard from Debenhams are very comfy n affordable

RaindropsRoses Mon 03-Apr-17 21:40:19

Thanks all.

teaandcake i haven't actually tried M&S yet so will give them a go (but just not get measured there!) Also didn't think to try primark for sports bras. They used to do some crop top type ones I slept in pre pregnancy that were great but last time I went in they had stopped doing them 😭 the old ones have lost all elastic now so needed to be chucked!

teabagtits lol at name. Exactly, that's my problem! I got some from amazon too, same problem they cover about half my boob, half nipple coming out the top! Rubbish isn't it.

bluebiro pretty sure of my size although could do with a fitting. I was 32e pre pregnancy, then got some when I was around 3 months in a 34ff that fitted but now I'm spilling out so I'm guessing I'm a g or more but have ordered different sizes even if the same bra that fitted before and they just don't fit. It's very odd. Guessing the shape has changed too making them not right for me now.

There isn't a bravissimo near me unfortunately as I've heard lots of good things. I'm near bristol and nearest one is Cardiff so it's quite a trip sad. Especially if they're not going to fit me again soon.

Thanks for the recommendations for jojo, I'll have a look.

kp78 Wed 05-Apr-17 21:41:54

I got some nursing bras in the Debenhams sale the other day. There were also some on the discontinued rails. They are pretty good amd supportive.

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