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Facial exercises

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AutumnEve Sun 02-Apr-17 22:09:22

I'm curious to hear from anyone who has done facial exercises (or massages) over a long period of time- do you think they actually work? By the sound of it would give me more wrinkles!

Trustyourself2 Sun 02-Apr-17 22:16:53

I'm 50 & have been doing them for 25 years or so. I don't do all of them, just a couple, everyday when I'm driving. I stopped doing them for a couple of years cos I thought they weren't making any difference. I've started to do them again recently, I think because I'm so used to doing them that it didn't feel right not to. Anyway, I'm not convinced that they've helped, but some people do comment that I look a bit younger than my years, but I think that could be down to the old genes, as my mum looks well for her age.

phoolani Sun 02-Apr-17 22:54:53

I've seen a distinct improvement in the way my face 'hangs', particularly around the cheekbones, jawline and neck. It has definitely helped. Not sure about around the eyes, the exercises for that area seem to scream 'more wrinkles' so I don't do much in that area.

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