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What do you use to tie your hair back?

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Whatatododo Sun 02-Apr-17 17:16:49

My hair has grown long enough to tie back/up. What do you use? All I've got is an old scrunchie and a doughnut confused which I've never used.

I also haven't got a clue about styles. I notice women around with a messed up high ponytail but not sure if I can carry that off. Any ideas?

jeaux90 Sun 02-Apr-17 18:54:25

Check out YouTube loads of good ideas and how to do them.

Doobigetta Sun 02-Apr-17 19:23:25

Either a bun using one of those twisty coil bobbles, or loose plait with an ordinary bobble. The twisty coil things are amazing- they hold my thick hair in place without tugging or digging in. But the plain silicone ones are rap, they just fall out.

Whatatododo Sun 02-Apr-17 19:35:09

I don't know what a twisty coil thing is. Will they have them in boots and will I recognise it?

Yes good idea re YouTube. I cut a fringe in using a YouTube video and it came out really well.

pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Sun 02-Apr-17 20:02:59

I like the twisty coil things, too.
Yes, they are sold in Boots: they're called Invisibobbles.

Doobigetta Sun 02-Apr-17 20:08:41

But Boots, Superdrug, H&M and probably others also do cheaper own-brand versions.

Hilliam Sun 02-Apr-17 21:28:37

How much are they?

treaclesoda Sun 02-Apr-17 21:30:52

Do you know what is a fantastic thing to tie your hair back almost invisibly? Take an old pair of tights and cut bits off the legs. They are stretchy and invisible. I know it sounds weird but honestly they work!

hideehigh Sun 02-Apr-17 21:32:08

Yes treacle! I always used to use tights, the absolute best.
I can't get on with those invisibobble things

WaitrosePigeon Sun 02-Apr-17 21:34:03

About £4. They are very good:

snowgal Sun 02-Apr-17 21:50:34

these highly recommend them. Expensive but they last forever, and look nice and not tight on wrists

RitaConners Sun 02-Apr-17 21:53:39

Scrunchies are back!

Silverstreaks Sun 02-Apr-17 21:59:42

The twisty invisibobbles are great for staying in place. Not too tight and don't leave dent/lines in your hair. I can actually manage a messy bun that stays put.
Thanks for the tip MN they are brill.

KatharinaRosalie Sun 02-Apr-17 22:13:06

Fake invisibobbles. Got a bag of 100 straight from China (aliexpress) for about 5 quid

mimiasovitch Tue 04-Apr-17 08:28:36

I use hair sticks more than anything. It took a bit of practice, but it looks lovely now I've got the hang of it.

ElspethFlashman Tue 04-Apr-17 09:19:39

Invisibobbles here too. You can get a pack of them in Primark. Would never go back now.

Also use a hair claw and twist it up with hair coming out of the top.

Go to Claire's Accessories too. They have a huuuge adult hair section.

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