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Anyone used Beautypie?

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NewIdeasToday Sun 02-Apr-17 11:26:50

Hi. I'm tempted to order some products from Beautypie and just wondered if anyone had used them, and if so what you thought of the quality of the make up? Thanks.

WallisFrizz Sun 02-Apr-17 13:25:36

I've bought the everyday foundation and a couple of lipsticks. I like the products and can believe that they are good quality but in my first month I paid for the £10 subscription and then over £7 delivery charge which I thought was excessive for what I bought. It ended up not feeling like such a bargain.

WallisFrizz Sun 02-Apr-17 13:26:50

Sorry, I bought a couple of face powders too.

NewIdeasToday Sun 02-Apr-17 15:15:35

Ok. Thanks for your help.

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