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Bad hair do care AIBU?

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Nomorepelvicfloor Sat 01-Apr-17 20:17:39

I get my haircut by a lovely lady here where we live she works from home it's cheap and I love how she cuts my hair. After a few years of growing out my old highlights and being au naturel I thought I'd take the plunge and have some new colour put in. I've ended up with something that makes me look similar to a badger when it's up and also the highlights are miles from my head. I'm not happy and I told her, she said she'd done a course it was a new technique and it's supposed to look like that but I should have told her in consultation that I wear it up(was wearing it up when I turned up) as she wouldn't have reccomended it. She's offered to put it right for free. I went to get a second opinion with another hairdresser today (wanted to ensure I wasn't overreacting) he took one look at me and said 'come and sit down'😩 The choice is get it done with her for free but the trust is gone and I'm scared she will mess up again. The other hairdresser said it would cost £45 to put right. What would you do? We live in a really small village and we have mutual friends I don't want it to get awkward, finding the whole thing quite upsetting as I hate conflict...

PonderLand Sat 01-Apr-17 20:58:46

I'd go with the £45 one. If it's something she's only just being taught then maybe she needs to practice on a few more models before attempting it again on a client. Is it bayalage?

Do you need to tell her you've been to another hairdresser? Will she ask? She may just cotton on herself and be a bit too embarrassed to ask who did your hair after her.

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