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Size 26/28, what to wear to a job interview??

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cheekymonk Sat 01-Apr-17 15:34:14

Hello all, am thinking black and plan to get my hair done on the day to lift confidence as I know my hair is one of my better features. I'm tall, 5ft 9 and have pale complexion and have quite a full bust and carry most around tum and hips. Any suggestions gratefully received! Budget- not much under £100 preferably.

MiMiMaguire Sat 01-Apr-17 15:39:45

Assuming an officey role ....
V neck blouse or top, pencil skirt,thick tights, blazer, buy a nice bright coloured flower for lapel of blazer for a pop of colour, try match it to lipstick if going for red or pink. Keep make up minimum, lipstick, slick of eyeliner if you usually use it.

Best of luck !

cheekymonk Sat 01-Apr-17 15:52:48

Ooh yes didn't say it was for office job but yes, civil service promotion. Sounds nice mimi thank you

RedMetamorphosis Sat 01-Apr-17 16:05:34

I'd go for a tailored black dress and add a bit of colour with a blazer. A flower on a lapel seems a bit too blind date-y for me.

ASOS have some great options:

I am pale, same height and have this blazer which I find really flattering for my pale skintone.

cheekymonk Sat 01-Apr-17 16:36:07

I found this which is very similar to some of the dresses suggested. I really like it and could see me wearing this. What do you think?? It suggests with these shoes on website

cheekymonk Sat 01-Apr-17 16:37:27

Would these be a bit frumpy? I'm not comfy in heels really...

cheekymonk Sat 01-Apr-17 16:37:48


cheekymonk Sat 01-Apr-17 16:41:12

Love this too but too much?

RedMetamorphosis Sat 01-Apr-17 16:51:20

Really like the dress, not sold on the shoes with it - I'd wear them more with cigarette trousers. I also don't wear heels, so normally wear pointed black flats which would work with the dress.

Maybe see what that jacket looks like, it seems a bit shapeless in that photo.

cheekymonk Sat 01-Apr-17 16:53:48

I do have some pointed flat black shoes redmed... thanks for your advice x

cheekymonk Sat 01-Apr-17 16:54:44

Redmet sorry x

ilovecherries Sat 01-Apr-17 18:56:31

I think the dress is nice, but would be tempted to try it in either the grey or khaki as well. If you are pale, so much black might be a bit much, unless you want to wear a stronger makeup. (I found have it in the black, but I bought it for a funeral). They also had navy in store.

UncomfortableBadger Sat 01-Apr-17 19:06:30

Sounds daft but please do try Sainsbury's for great workwear in sizes 18+.

Somehow their clothes are cut for curves a million times better than most high street shops.

I struggle to find good suits so tend to do good quality, thick jersey dresses with a fitted peplum suit jacket, tights, court shoes and statement but classic jewellery.

Good luck! smile

cheekymonk Sat 01-Apr-17 19:20:57

Yes I liked the grey I love cherries x my confidence is very low ATM so really need something to make me feel good! X

cheekymonk Sat 01-Apr-17 19:22:07

I don't think I'll get in Sainsbury's stuff but yes I like their clothes and still have a couple of bits I can get away with

ilovecherries Sat 01-Apr-17 20:26:45

Well, it's a very flattering dress on, I think. I wore it with a chunky silver pendant and a blazer. Good luck for your interview!

DailyMailDontStealMyThread Sat 01-Apr-17 20:34:17

Shoes wouldn't go with the dress and the blazer is too bright imo for an odd nterview.

The dress is lovely and I like that you are going to boost your own confidence with a blow dry. Apart from that, p,ease don't worry to much. As long as you make the initial effort and then let your personality and Experiance shine.

I hired someone who looked a complete mess but introduced himself as "Mark, I've no money for an interview suit but I'm sure we are both pleased you provide the successful candidate with a uniform"

ilovecherries Sat 01-Apr-17 20:41:58

I also have this, they have it left in your size

cheekymonk Sat 01-Apr-17 21:57:23

Yes I did wonder that about the jacket. I'm 39 btw. Thank you all smile

cheekymonk Sat 01-Apr-17 21:57:52

That Cardin is very classy Ilovecherries...

dinosaursandtea Sun 02-Apr-17 10:53:32

cheekymonk You don't need me to tell you this, but just remember you can look gorgeous, polished and professional at ANY size. My wife is about your size and she buys dresses and blazers from Yours and looks amazing (though I'm biased!). You'll look terrific and rock the interview. Good luck!

cheekymonk Sun 02-Apr-17 12:29:15

That's lovely dinosaursandtea thank you for taking the time to say something so nice xxx

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