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So spent three hours at the hairdressers yesterday and now have an orange stripe at the front of my head

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SleepFreeZone Sat 01-Apr-17 09:03:08

She was lovely but SO slow. Ended up a full head of highlights instead of a half head as she forgot (didn't charge me for a full head by the way although I did tip!). I think I'm generally happy

SleepFreeZone Sat 01-Apr-17 09:07:28

Posted too soon 😬

I think I'm generally happy although it's a bit ashy, however this might improve with some washing as some of the highlights were on for ages. The one right at the front however was only on for 30 mins as it had started to get really late and I think we'd both had enough. So it hasn't lifted the brown fully and it's orange.

It's really quite a thin strip of colour so I'm thinking I could sort it out myself. Can I just stick lemon juice on it do you think? Or maybe a cheap brown dye on that little bit of hair? I just can't be arsed to find the time to go back and let her sort it.

sooperdooper Sat 01-Apr-17 09:08:54

No, go back to the hairdressers this morning and get them to sort it!!!

SleepFreeZone Sat 01-Apr-17 09:14:43

I honestly can't this morning. She's like s mobile lady who operates from a tiny place in a marina some of the time and otherwise visits people in their home and I am extremely time poor ☹️

Sparkletastic Sat 01-Apr-17 09:16:38

Yeah you could sort yourself. If it's a thin strand use an old clean mascara wand to apply dye.

SleepFreeZone Sat 01-Apr-17 09:18:32

That's a good idea! I have curly crazy hair anyway so it won't particularly notice if the colour is slightly off. It's just the orange is a bit too different 🙊

SnowWhite123 Sat 01-Apr-17 09:23:59

Jerome Russell bleach is good (and cheap.) I highlight my hair with it. You could also just try some purple shampoo to take the brassiness away

woodhill Sat 01-Apr-17 09:34:56

Could you wait a few days before touching it. I thought it was best to wait 72 hours to allow colour to go into cortex, then wash and see results? I would definitely contact her and get it corrected afterwards.

SleepFreeZone Sat 01-Apr-17 10:10:54

I've actually just looked at it in the light and it is actually one of the colours I expected to be run through my hair in the first place 🙄 Which kind of proves the point that the rest of the colours have been overcooked.

The back story is I had a mobile hairdresser who did my hair beautifully for about 6 years. She used to run through brown, light blonde and a caramel blonde and it looked really natural. Unfortunately (for me) she moved away and started a whole new life with new man and new baby and for 18 months I've just let my hair basically go. I haven't trusted anyone else to touch it. She kindly told me the colours that she used to put through it and I gave that info to the new hairdresser. I've walked away with pretty much the same hair as I walked in with. Shades of ashy grey blonde with some brown and of course the different coloured stripe at the front. I feel so deflated and sad 😔

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