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Office Grazia?

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SesameSparkle Fri 31-Mar-17 15:16:53

Does anyone know is there meant to be an Office Grazia code out now? Is there a code to use online? I can't find one and I'm too lazy I'd rather not have to go out and buy an actual magazine and go into an actual shop if I don't have to. smile

SesameSparkle Fri 31-Mar-17 15:29:45

Ahh twitter seems to think it's in store only.... spoilsports sad

Kez0777 Fri 31-Mar-17 19:37:41

I got so exciting seeing this, I've been searching all day for an office code because I'm to tight to pay for some new converse grin looks like I might have to take a trip into town and buy a magazine full of lovely stuff I can't afford envy

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