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Velvet Trainers at my age?

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HermiioneSnape02 Fri 31-Mar-17 12:42:41

Yes or no?

I have my eye on the adidas gazelle in blue or pink. trainer1
But I've seen some similar in navy or mink at Next. trainer2
But I've also looked at these from river Island trainer3

Which would you choose, or has anyone had their eye on anything similar.

Also important question is. Am I too old for them. I'm 40. Trying to revamp my wardrobe and wondering if I'm straying into teenage territory. I really don't have much sense of style.

I've just bought this top and I'm hyperventilating at whether it may be too bright for a 40 year old that usually wear navy Tshirts and plain jeans from Asda.

Thank you.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 31-Mar-17 12:51:52

I took delivery of both of these yesterday, I'm 39.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 31-Mar-17 12:53:10

Ha, there was supposed to be this pair in the last post too, obviously shoes come in a pair

BounceBounceSplishSplash Fri 31-Mar-17 12:58:42

I prefer the gazelles tbh OP. I don't like the Next ones and whilst the RI ones are nice I think they'd get v dirty quickly. I don't think you're too old for them!

HermiioneSnape02 Fri 31-Mar-17 12:59:18

Are they just as you thought from the photographs ihavebrillohair
Also are they true to size. I'm normally a 5.5. But can wear size 6 too.
The pink ones are lovely.
Do you think it matters what size you are too?
Sorry loads of questions but I'm just started to really take notice of what I wear and buy and don't want to make an expensive mistake.
I've bought some next Ankle graze jeans today and just tried them on. They look much better than I expected and wanted some to wear with them.

HermiioneSnape02 Fri 31-Mar-17 13:00:59

I do too bounce but I'm obviously comparing them to the lower priced ones. Next question - haha. Blue or pink in the gazelles. Light pink and blue.

Abraiid2 Fri 31-Mar-17 13:08:11

I love all these and I am 53!

chemicalCat Fri 31-Mar-17 13:11:08

I don't have velvet trainers (trainers not really my style) but I do have velvet Doc Martens - and I'm mid forties.

HermiioneSnape02 Fri 31-Mar-17 13:15:16

Definitely a vote for the velvet then.
Thank you. I really do like them.
I was in Office shoes earlier and the choice was too much so I thought I'd come home and think about it and look online.

ems137 Fri 31-Mar-17 13:19:25

I've got the pink gazelles. I'd say they are very slightly big but unfortunately I don't find them that comfy. They just feel really hard. I find adidas are quite wide for my slim feet too.

BagittoGo Fri 31-Mar-17 13:20:05

How do the gazelles fit width wise? Are the roomy?

HermiioneSnape02 Fri 31-Mar-17 13:21:20

Oh ok erms thank you.
I might go back and try them on then in the shop rather than ordering online. It's just I have a discount offer for office online. Mmm. Much to think about.

HermiioneSnape02 Fri 31-Mar-17 13:21:57

Oh ems. Sorry fat fingers smile

Trills Fri 31-Mar-17 13:22:24

What has age got to do with it?

If anything, I'd think that the older you get the more likely you are to want to wear trainers rather than uncomfortable shoes.

HermiioneSnape02 Fri 31-Mar-17 13:23:30

I didn't try them on bagitto
There was too much choice and young un's standing around staring at me so I felt uncomfortable and left thinking I'll look online. I'd be interested to know too.

HermiioneSnape02 Fri 31-Mar-17 13:24:37

I think it's stepping out of my comfort zone and that they aren't tradition Trainers trills
Just need a bit of reassurance before I spend the money.

Trills Fri 31-Mar-17 13:35:57

I can understand wanting a bit of "yes, those are nice" when trying something new, but it's still got nothing to do with your age. smile

imjessie Fri 31-Mar-17 13:37:10

I have the first ones , they are so lovely !

imjessie Fri 31-Mar-17 13:37:24

I'm 42!

imjessie Fri 31-Mar-17 13:38:41

I may be able to give you discount code for adidas ( not sure if it will work on another account ) I bought 4.5 from adidas as the 4 was too small and 5 too big. I usually wear 4 in shoes but 5 in trainers .

Trills Fri 31-Mar-17 13:38:45

I like the mink ones best - the shine of the velvet makes them look almost pale gold.

HermiioneSnape02 Fri 31-Mar-17 13:43:03

Thank you imjessie that would be lovely. Thanks for the sizing info. I think I'll try the 6 with maybe some insoles if I need them.

ShatnersBassoon Fri 31-Mar-17 13:43:24

I had some brilliant velvet Stan Smiths when I was in my 20s. I really wish I'd looked after them because I'd still wear them now.

imjessie Fri 31-Mar-17 14:23:24

I think it may work , I can't pm you, can you pm me and I'll send it to you . Be quick though as it may expire soon if it works . Worth a try though as it's 15%

HermiioneSnape02 Fri 31-Mar-17 14:33:11

imjessie pm'ed you. Thank you again.

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