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Holy Grail of Shirt/Blouse??? Recommendations please!

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lackingimagination Thu 30-Mar-17 20:53:04

I need to buy some new shirts for work (boring!). I've had so many bad ones over the years it would be great to know where to look. They need to be:
Plain white or black
Affordable (as purely for work and children will be present!)
Well cut, possibly slim cut
Wash well
Don't crease after 5 minutes of sitting in the car 😳

Thanks in advance 😊

lackingimagination Thu 30-Mar-17 21:49:02

Somebody around here must wear a shirt once in a while?!

Softkitty2 Fri 31-Mar-17 11:43:03

Yes. Look for the poplin shirts mango and zara does. Its cheap and has a variety of colours perfecr for office wear. Can pair with smart trousers or pencil skirt

KatharinaRosalie Fri 31-Mar-17 13:58:21

I had some very nice non-iron ones from Banana Republic, but have to wait for sale.

VintagePerfumista Fri 31-Mar-17 15:20:18

The Zara poplins are fab and cheap. The only thing is they make you feel like Nelly the elephant as, for example, I am a size 12 in anybody else's clothes and in Zara shirts am an XXL.


I am eyeing the White Company jersey ones myself.

allfurcoatnoknickers Fri 31-Mar-17 15:57:45

I'm a fan on the Uniqlo shirts. I usually wait for sale.

squiz81 Fri 31-Mar-17 16:03:48

I got this one from a site that sells everything for £5, it's a lot of shop overstock. When it turned up it was a BDG shirt with a £43 price tag! But anyway, it's a nice Shirt, good with skirts or trousers

Lucked Fri 31-Mar-17 22:11:41

Charles Tyrwhitt do some woman's blouses and sale ones are very reasonable.

black jersey

variety and f white shirts

Is it a job stipulation that you have to dress in black and white?

lackingimagination Sat 01-Apr-17 10:13:15

Thanks everyone!

YY to Zara sizing 😡

Yes black and white dress is stipulated - has to be plain black/white as well. Dull!

Can't help but remember those awful starchy, white, baggy, see-through shirts I wore for school 😣

OdinsLoveChild Sat 01-Apr-17 10:16:53

Hawes and Curtis. Their shirts are beautiful although some of the shirts require cufflinks which they also sell.

lackingimagination Sat 01-Apr-17 13:06:06

Thanks odins - they're a lot more reasonably priced than I would have thought as well.

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