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Can we just talk about Laura Ashley for a moment?

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Bumptoburp Thu 30-Mar-17 14:48:24

What the actual?

I mean - they were never exactly cutting edge but they used to do some nice basics and good summer dresses.

Now though - they seem to be trying to take the heat off Per Una.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I think I need a sherry.

SpaghettiMeatballs Thu 30-Mar-17 14:53:43

Ughhh. I just march straight past their clothes when I'm shopping for home things in there.

citychick Thu 30-Mar-17 15:07:44


Clickncollect Thu 30-Mar-17 15:13:33

I've found their basic t shirts and tops to be quite decent but I only really go in there for the homeware - if they were a stand alone clothes shop I wouldn't bother going in.

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Thu 30-Mar-17 15:18:53

They used to be so much nicer, even just 3-4 years ago. I have the best dress in the world from there - heavy linen tunic style linen with very flared skirt and POCKETS! Pockets in a dress is the holy grail for me.

Bumptoburp Thu 30-Mar-17 15:25:50

Exactly what I went looking for, Vivienne - one of those lovely heavy linen dresses they used to do. Quite reasonable prices too.

One would have thought there was a market for that kind of thing. But no - it seems curtain-dressed zombies roam the earth these days. At least the earth where LA's designers work.

HeyMacWey Thu 30-Mar-17 15:28:19

I think they might be on the brink of closure.
They seem to have a 50% sale every other weekend.

Tanaqui Thu 30-Mar-17 17:40:29

My favourite summer dress is from there- sleeveless, sweetheart neckline, fitted at the waist, fuller skirt and, yes, pockets! Don't know why they but they do seem to have stopped doing that type of style.

blueskyinmarch Thu 30-Mar-17 17:43:31

Funnily enough those dresses are exactly the sort they became famous for in the 70’s! Flounces, lace and ruffles. One of my friends had Laura Ashley clothes - ruffled blouses in particular, and i was SOOOO envious of her. We couldn’t afford them!

Whatthefoxgoingon Thu 30-Mar-17 17:46:50

I haven't been in a Laura Ashley store since 1996. Looks like I haven't missed anything.

Cosmicglitterpug Thu 30-Mar-17 17:48:34

I quite like that dress. Think I'm too dumpy though.

kingscrossnoodle Thu 30-Mar-17 17:51:19

Funnily enough those dresses are exactly the sort they became famous for in the 70’s! I was going to say, and even in the 80's o remember LA being exactly the 2 examples you have posted OP. Granted we don't have one local so it has probably been 25 years since I set foot in LA!

BurningViolin Thu 30-Mar-17 18:06:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

poppy2021 Thu 30-Mar-17 18:11:42

Mango have all this shapeless rubbish just now as well. Why,,,, just why?????

BadToTheBone Thu 30-Mar-17 18:13:27

I'm 50 soon and I've never seen the appeal for Laura Ashley and it looks like I'm not going to start now.

Theworldisfullofidiots Thu 30-Mar-17 18:26:06

Oh dear.
I once bought a ball gown from here. It was fabulous and sexy.

NomDePlumeReloaded Thu 30-Mar-17 18:47:01

I bought some lampshades from there recently. Wouldn't touch the clothes with a barge pole though.

0dfod Thu 30-Mar-17 19:21:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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