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Pregnant and need some help with wedding outfits.

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thatorchidmoment Wed 29-Mar-17 17:45:02

Here's a problem for any fashionistas to solve for me.

Haven't been to a wedding for ages and this year we will be at FOUR!! All during my pregnancy. So I have bought a lovely maxi dress from Tiffany Rose, and now I need to work out all the gubbins to go with it.

Here is a link to the dress. It comes with the lovely sash and I feel a little bit gorgeous in it (amazingly, given how grim I have been feeling this pregnancy!).

Tiffany Rose dress

I thought I would buy some silver sandals with a little bit of a heel but not crazily high given balance and such are not brilliant as bump gets bigger. Such as these possibly. Esprit shoes

The weddings we are going to will be fairly formal and all in a conservative church, so I'd like to have the option of a cover-up. Just not quite sure what would work with a bump and a sash! Also need a pretty substantial fascinator or hat for the church bit.

And is it really bad form to wear the same outfit to four weddings!? Many of the guests move in the same circles, and two weddings are only spaced a week apart. We want to get to them all, as they are all close friends or family.

I guess I need a bit of help as I really can't manage to buy entire new outfits for each event and can't recycle old dresses given pregnancy.

All advice welcome!

Sparklyuggs Thu 30-Mar-17 15:53:52

Beautiful dress!

I think wearing it to all the weddings is fine, I've got one party dress from Seraphine which is going to be worn at every posh occasion/wedding during pregnancy.

Cover up wise, would a pashmina type wrap work?

onthelevel Thu 30-Mar-17 16:07:13

It is a lovely dress, I think if I were you I would concentrate on ringing the changes with accessories each time you wear it, maybe different earrings, necklace or pashmina and how you do your hair,hope you enjoy the weddings.

thatorchidmoment Fri 31-Mar-17 14:49:10

Thanks for that. I do love the dress, and definitely thought I would have different accessories. I had thought of a bolero thing, but the lacy sleeves might bunch up a bit underneath a more fitted thing, so I think you are probably right about a pashmina.

I shall look for some bling, a cover-up and a fascinator for the first wedding (in two weeks). Then I shall take it from there! Thank you.

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