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Low rise jeans - the holy grail?

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PhoenixRisingSlowly Tue 28-Mar-17 20:34:00

I am in jeans hell. I have a weird body for jeans anyway: short, curvy thighs and yet absolutely no hips whatsoever and a pillowy post-child stomach that bursts free of anything other than low rise jeans, sending everything else shimming downward in a kind of rumpled fabric mess above my arse. I have to wear a belt because of said lack of hips and pillowy tummy so I really really need to find some low rise jeans, but everyone seems to have stopped making them. <sob> I don't have a very high budget, about £40-£50 max and am starting to despair. At the mo I have some mens low rise slim jeans from H&M but they are starting to wear out, and also look baggy as I've lost weight so I need something more fitted.
Anyone seen nice low rise jeans anywhere? I have massive calves as well so have tended to avoid skinnies although they all seem to be high or mid rise anyway. Please help!

45DegreestoReality Tue 28-Mar-17 20:53:40

I'm sorry I can't help, but I'll be watching this thread with interest. I hope for low rise trousers and jeans to come back in - they're the only ones that suit me!
Currently I scour ebay.
Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be along soon to help us!

Floisme Tue 28-Mar-17 20:56:24

If you don't mind second hand there are loads in charity shops at the moment.

burnishedsilver Tue 28-Mar-17 21:08:46

Mango. I've just returned two pairs because they were too low rise for me.

PhoenixRisingSlowly Tue 28-Mar-17 21:10:13

I have been looking in my local charity shops but sadly as I am down in Cornwall (aka the middle of nowhere) fashions seem to be a little... slower to filter down into charity shops grin I'll keep checking though!

PhoenixRisingSlowly Tue 28-Mar-17 21:10:52

Thanks burnished! I'll take a look.

plimsolls Tue 28-Mar-17 21:16:04


I've got 711 which are skinny fit but they do lots of different legs.

MrsReacher85 Tue 28-Mar-17 21:17:01

My Levi's are pretty low rise, and were about £45 in the sale. If you sign up as a new customer, the discount code they send you can be used on sale items.

NeedATrim Tue 28-Mar-17 21:23:49

Pfft. Gooooood luuuck. I had a thread pleading for Jean recommendations for my body shape. I tried most that I had the ability to get hold of and none, NONE were right. I've absolutely given up. I've resigned myself to know its never going to happen. Jeans are the work of the devil. And low rise are awful on me because I have a high set stick out bum. They reach halfway up my rear and go up no further!
Sorry op. I hope you have a better run of things in your search.

robinia Tue 28-Mar-17 21:28:01

I'm going to be no help here but just have a question - I have a "pillowy tummy!" too. How on earth are low rise jeans supposed to be good for that,? I'm always looking for high waisted jeans that don't completely squish but never would contemplate low rise because of the vast amount of overhang sad What is the answer?

Cakescakescakes Tue 28-Mar-17 21:31:15

I saw some ones labelled low rise
in m&s today? Am sure if you stick 'low rise' into the website they'd come up.

happypoobum Tue 28-Mar-17 21:37:26

I agree with Robinia surely if you have a squishy tummy you need high rise? Doesn't your tummy overhang the low rise? Mine would sad

PhoenixRisingSlowly Tue 28-Mar-17 21:51:48

Oh yes, definitely have overhang but it just wrestles itself out of anything higher, they simply wriggle down because of the no hips thing. I also have a preference for the feel of low rise, I feel sick and compressed and just horrible with higher ones, and that's probably in part because I wear a belt, but not totally.
I tried on a mid rise pair of skinnies today and it was just farcical, I moved slightly and down they dragged, taking the top of my pants with them. I ended up with a big bunched area around the crotch and top of arse. My body is just a really odd shape.

Thanks to those who recommended Mango and Levis - sadly the low rise seem to be all skinny jeans. I was so upset when GAP stopped making their 1969 Real Straight jeans low rise and changed them to mid rise. Hence me now wearing mens jeans. Seriously tempted to just give up altogether but then what can I wear as a casual, slightly tom boyish short person? Oh god...

OohNoDooEy Tue 28-Mar-17 21:58:32

Too skinny?

I think you might do well with underbump maternity jeans

NeedATrim Tue 28-Mar-17 22:28:44

How about combats? 90's style, wide leg, low slung.

NeedATrim Tue 28-Mar-17 22:31:15

Like this..

elvisola Tue 28-Mar-17 22:33:55

I have no hips, no defined waist and the same problem. Diesel jeans are your friends but unfortunately the price is not!

Always tonnes on eBay though.

AteRiri Tue 28-Mar-17 22:35:46

I'm sorry I can't help, but I'll be watching this thread with interest. I hope for low rise trousers and jeans to come back in - they're the only ones that suit me!

Me too!

So for those who have no hips and butt, low-rise seems to be the answer right?

I remember wearing the hell of low-rise when it was in fashion. But it hasn't been for a decade or so.

PhoenixRisingSlowly Tue 28-Mar-17 23:05:04

Ohh I actually considered maternity jeans but due to lack of belt loops they fall fall down because of no hips thing - happened when I tried to wear then while pregnant as well grin

Gullane Tue 28-Mar-17 23:08:07

H&M low waist super skinny and Diesel Matics. If you're handy with a sewing machine, they respond well to havingthe legs narrowed - just trace from your skinnies.

PhoenixRisingSlowly Tue 28-Mar-17 23:09:14

Oh and those topshop jeans above look pretty good, thank you - I'll go and check in my local one and see if they have any in.

SoupDragon Wed 29-Mar-17 07:02:57

Esprit always seem to have a variety of jeans styles from low to high rise, skinny to flared andeverything in between. Delivery is £1 and returns are free so you can order lots to try on and just send them back. They aren't the cheapest but there are usually some intheir permanent sale section.

PhoenixRisingSlowly Wed 29-Mar-17 12:02:23

Thanks so much, Soup. Those look very good, I may order some!

BogoPogo Wed 29-Mar-17 20:34:33

Try Uniqlo. I just bought some low-rise skinnys from there, but they also do low-rise slim fit and boyfriend. They wash well and last for ages

hollieberrie Wed 29-Mar-17 21:58:28

Watching with interest. Am also short and tomboyish. I hate high rise, i get tummy ache within about 5 minutes and have to take them off blush
I have Topshop Leigh Skinnies, they are kind of low-mid rise skinnies, and some faithful low rise Gap girlfriend jeans which i never take off.

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