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Short cut on a round face!

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theworriedone Tue 28-Mar-17 20:04:01

I currently have waist length hair and I'd love it all cut off shock!!

However I've got a round face and I'm a larger lady ( size 18/20) so know most cuts won't suit me sad

Anyone have any idea of flattering short cuts?


theworriedone Wed 29-Mar-17 18:21:01


Tweedledee3Tweedledum Wed 29-Mar-17 18:27:55

A graduated bob could look good.

dancingqueen345 Wed 29-Mar-17 18:34:15

I was reading something the other day (on DM I admit) about a backwards graduated bob (so longer at the back rather than front) which is supposed to be a bit of a miracle cut.

I'm going for it at my next app and also have a fairly round face!

JoyceDivision Wed 29-Mar-17 22:09:10

i am a size 18, round face and have a pixie, i love it! make sure well cropped i at ack, no fluffy mullet allowed!

Cakescakescakes Thu 30-Mar-17 07:50:00

I have a round face and a slightly graduated bob and looks great. I need to keep it straightened though jut I prefer that look anyway.

knowler Thu 30-Mar-17 12:47:30

I'm the same size as you, roundish face and I always have short hair - I love it and it definitely suits me. it might be more to do with what type of hair you have and whether it will 'sit' right with a short style. I've got lots of very fine very straight hair, so a really choppy pixie cut with a bit of product through it looks really good on me (if I say so myself!!)

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