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Necklaces with magnetic clasps?

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rollonthesummer Sun 26-Mar-17 20:28:25

I struggle a bit to do up necklaces and was with a friend recently who had a fab magnetic clasp on her necklace. She couldn't remember where she got it from though!

I know you can buy magnetic clasps to make your own Necklaces and also ones that fit into existing jewellery but that's not truly what I'm after. I did try this once and I ended up with 4 inches of crappy looking clasps and chains at the back of my neck!

Does anyone know anywhere that sells necklaces with magnetic clasps?

NotMeNoNo Sun 26-Mar-17 23:30:49

I have seen a converter in a mobility catalogue - came in a magazine, ,house of Bath I think. this

Talisin Sun 26-Mar-17 23:45:06

Phase Eight does some. Not much help unless you're going to one but Warner Hotels always have some for sale as well.

Doobigetta Mon 27-Mar-17 07:09:52

The catalogue/online jeweller Pia does the converter clips. They're great for necklaces, unfortunately less good for bracelets because they add about 1cm to the overall length.

rollonthesummer Mon 27-Mar-17 07:37:05

Thank you for the replies. I already have the converter clips though as I said in my post-that's not what I wanted.

I'll look at Phase 8 though Talisin-thank you!

Yddraigoldragon Mon 27-Mar-17 08:11:03

If you shop online qvc do some, my DM has arthritic fingers and finds them easy to use.

GingerLemonTea Mon 27-Mar-17 09:25:33

Ribbon necklaces might work for you. They are more easily available

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Mon 27-Mar-17 11:08:43

If you want a proper magnetic clasp, fitted properly with no daft bits of chain, most jewellers with a workshop can do it.

It's not cheap though as the fittings are expensive, but they do solder the end pieces on for you. Generally costs about £15.

NotMeNoNo Mon 27-Mar-17 14:34:32

I've remembered at last - Martick, sold in John Lewis, have magnetic clasps on some of their necklaces. this for example. Sorry I didn't read your OP properly!

could you not buy some jewellry pliers and replace the old clasps on all your necklaces with magnetic ones?

Goldfishjane Mon 27-Mar-17 20:06:41

agree with the pliers suggestion - it's such an easy task, i did it for my mum as she has problems with arthritis. I took the clasps off her necklaces so there was no extra length when I fitted the magnetic ones. She has some favourite necklaces so this way she didn't have to stop wearing them.

there will be lots of videos online showing you how to replace a necklace clasp.

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