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What's everyone wearing today?(pics)

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user1490538976 Sun 26-Mar-17 16:24:21

I've got dark blue skinnys with this jacket ..which I'm in love with at the minute as it just screams spring to it's nice weather

dailymailarecunts Sun 26-Mar-17 16:29:20

Leggings with child detriments on them and a maternity vest (I'm not pregnant, it's just comfy!)

You look amazing, but it's Sunday, I'll tackle clothes again tomorrow grin

Pippin8 Sun 26-Mar-17 16:31:33

White tee, striped skirt & rip off red converse style shoes. Bare legs for the first time this year & oversized sunglasses.

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Sun 26-Mar-17 16:46:25

No pics here.

Black skinnies, b&w striped top, black leather biker, white leather trainers.

Pinkvici22 Sun 26-Mar-17 17:05:44

OP where's your jacket from, it's fab!

Denim dress here...

user1490538976 Sun 26-Mar-17 17:17:00

Pink- it's from river island

ememem84 Sun 26-Mar-17 17:29:32

Cleaning day today. So two day old jeans, hoody and an old tshirt. Proper scruffy.

HorraceTheOtter Sun 26-Mar-17 17:32:53

My new top for spring. A primark special. It has little gold buttons on the sleeves and I'm very pleased with it.

Judydreamsofhorses Sun 26-Mar-17 17:35:31

No pic, but black Bella Freud jumper, black wide-leg cropped Topshop trousers, gold Nikes. Black leather biker jacket when out.

KittyLane1 Sun 26-Mar-17 18:17:21

Black top and skirt with tights and boots, still bloody cold here

GertyTheGert Sun 26-Mar-17 18:48:52

No pic but H&M longish loose (& oldish) black top, black "biker" leggings from M&S, black leather jacket, black flatties, leopard print handbag and yellow glass dangly earrings. Got home half an hour ago, off came the earrings and top and on instead the Red Nose Day kitten t-shirt!

DavetheCat2001 Sun 26-Mar-17 18:52:26

I wore this but not the shoes. I wore gold ballet flats.

JaceLancs Sun 26-Mar-17 18:54:43

No pic but wearing black skinny jeggings a pale yellow t shirt and a grey denim shirt with embroidery on the back which I bought last week whilst on holiday in Malaga

SummerHouse Sun 26-Mar-17 18:55:49

dave your top is lovely!

0dfod Sun 26-Mar-17 18:56:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sun 26-Mar-17 18:56:45

My new leopard trainers (thanks to those on a previous thread who gave me lots of advice smile), indigo skinnies (rolled up), a long sleeved navy cowl top and silver pendant.

Hamiltoes Sun 26-Mar-17 19:22:06

OP loved your jacket so much I just purchased. Why do i open these threads!!! 😂

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Sun 26-Mar-17 19:24:18

Nice trainers, Martin.

DavetheCat2001 Sun 26-Mar-17 19:33:41

Thank you summer Oasis's finest!

user1490538976 Sun 26-Mar-17 19:34:53

Hamiltoes-I'm the same..the amount of things I've bought after seeing it on here is unbelievable ha ha

user1490538976 Sun 26-Mar-17 19:35:46

I love those leopard trainers..are they comfy?
I bought converse and they nearly killed my poor feet ..2 pairs of socks and plasters and still covered in blisters

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sun 26-Mar-17 20:35:24

The leopard trainers are fine user. I've got scholl insoles in them and am wearing footsie socks though.

I'm seriously considering buying the gel inserts for my Converse. As a decrepid middle-aged try hard (an in-joke for those on another thread) comfort must come first!grin I hope your feet recover soon

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sun 26-Mar-17 20:37:02

Thank you Remus.

BigApple11 Sun 26-Mar-17 20:39:19

Love your trainers Martin where are they from?

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Sun 26-Mar-17 20:49:19

They're Selected Femme Donna trainers. I got them from ASOS.

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