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Capsule Wardrobe - Your Essentials?

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dinosaursandtea Sun 26-Mar-17 14:35:55

waves longtime lurker, first time poster etc.

Last year, I started to build a capsule wardrobe but over the year it got a bit out of control. I love the 33/3 method - 33 items of clothing per season that you switch around every three months for a new season. It's easier because I live in Scotland, so our seasons are "Fuck, it's freezing" and "I think I'll take my coat off - hm, maybe better not."

What can't you live without?

My ideal wardrobe is:

1x jeans
1x black trousers
1x burgundy cords
1x Tweed trousers

4-5x longsleeved tops, mostly black but with olive & burgundy thrown in
White shirt
3x jumpers

3x t-shirts with political slogans for protests/days I feel angry.

2x Breton tops

1x black dress
1x yellow spring/summer dress

1x violet cord skirt
1x tweed skirt

4x blazers (navy, black, cream, tweed)
1x camel trench

2x trainers (Nike and Converse)
2x ballet pumps (black and pink)
1x brogues
1x brown riding-style boots

Is there anything I'm missing? I'm not much of a dress/skirt person - I am OBSESSED with Rachel Maddow's style and Tina Fey in 30 Rock.

I'm 5,2 - 14 on bottom, 18 on top (massive tits, also trying to lose a bit of weight) I have an artsy, media type job that involves working from home but I do go to formal events sometimes. I'm also gay, which I feel buys me a lot of not having to be girly wiggle room. I have a lot of statement necklaces and scarves to accessorise.

Currently ttc, but I've seen a lot of my ideal wardrobe in maternity options too.

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