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Aaaaargh! Help!

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taybert Sun 26-Mar-17 08:59:53

I'm taking roaccutane and my skin is very delicate and grazes easily. My husband has stubble...... I've woken this morning to find a superficial layer of skin has been removed from my chin. Perfect for Mothers' day lunch with my parents later!

It's kinda raw. I don't think I can cover it with make up (or can I?!) WHAT DO I DO?! It's currently covered in sudocrem (not a long term solution). Any ideas or is a Wackaday style plaster my only hope? (cool reference for the younger readers there)

TheMasterNotMargarita Sun 26-Mar-17 09:07:01

Do you have any aloe Vera cream? That should cool it down and help the redness.
I've heard of roaccutane but I don't know know if that affects what you put on your skin sorry.
It sounds sore.

taybert Sun 26-Mar-17 09:11:24

Hmm, no aloe vera. It is a bit sore but the main issue is going out to lunch with my parents with stubble rash on my chin!

TheMasterNotMargarita Sun 26-Mar-17 09:16:50

I was trying to think of something else to cool it down. What about those kids bruise gel packs you put in the fridge?
Then slap on some foundation/concealer. Wear a bright lipstick or different eye makeup or a flower in your hair to distract them? Pretend you have a sore throat and Wear a scarf thar covers your chin?
The only other option is to brazen it out!

taybert Sun 26-Mar-17 09:21:39

I'll just give a sly wink if they ask me what happened! Or start a new craze for chin accessories!

I'm not sure concealer will stick to it, it's like a graze that hasn't scabbed yet. I do have some mineral powder, maybe that would work? I'm worried about drawing attention to it.

I was hoping there would be some tried and tested technique to cover it.

Floisme Sun 26-Mar-17 09:28:20

I think covering up - unless it works 100% might just draw the eye to it - a bit like wearing a polo neck when you had love bites.

Distraction might work better but I think it needs to be further away from your chin: shoes perhaps or nails? (Or a Tee with a provocative slogan?)

But normally the best thing is to hide in plain view. Don't let it spoil your lunch - your parents have had sex and I'm sure they will understand.

taybert Sun 26-Mar-17 09:32:22

Good idea Flo. I'll write "twat" across my t-shirt and they definitely won't notice my face.

They've never had sex though, you are quite mistaken.

Floisme Sun 26-Mar-17 09:34:31

Ok grin

taybert Sun 26-Mar-17 10:13:52

And now the weather has confused me and I don't know what to wear either. It was snowing here on Tuesday, now it's bright sunshine and double figures. I could say it's sunburn....

Peppardew Sun 26-Mar-17 11:27:19

On the if chance you've got any in the house, I had red raw shaving rash all over my legs before friend's wedding and only thing that worked to take the redness down was calamine and glycerin cream Hope you have a nice lunch regardless!

CantChoose Sun 26-Mar-17 12:35:43

A friend of mine is a make up artist and told me that the 'new skin' liquid plasters will go over things like this and you can put make up over the top once it's dried. She gets brides to use it if they have cold sores!

taybert Sun 26-Mar-17 16:17:14

Ah, the new skin stuff would've worked I bet! It was adequate with a bit of tinted moisturiser on anyway. My skin is generally looking a bit blotchy so I think it just looked like part of the same thing.

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