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What to pack for Lisbon in April?

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Casualsmartlady Sat 25-Mar-17 18:28:21

So I am going to Lisbon for 5 nights with my DH and DD. Really looking forward to it but we are going to try to pack light and do just hand luggage. What do I need? I think it will be around 20 degrees and hopefully sunny. I love clothes and always take too much. What do you think my ideal capsule, hand luggage wardrobe should consist of?

I was thinking, jeans or maybe chinos, t shirts, maybe a dress that could do day to night (can't find one), perhaps a skirt, have the Boden striped ruched one, maybe a nicer shirt or blouse (not sure what sort though) sandals and trainers? Surely that's not enough I am prepared to buy some stuff as could do with rejuvenating my spring wardrobe anyway and want to feel comfortable but stylish. I am 42, 5'8 a busty 10-12 with dark hair.


TheGaleanthropist Sat 25-Mar-17 22:49:04

It can rain a lot in Lisbon, even when it's warm, as it's on the Atlantic coast. So make sure you have some showerproof things too, jacket or trench coat, shoes that stand up to puddles.

SaladDressing Sat 25-Mar-17 23:04:13

May not be helpful but I would try to make a list for each day...

Day 1 - Travel
Chinos, t-shirt/top (1), cardigan, flat sandals/flip flops

Day 1 - Evening
Skirt, top (2), cardigan, wedge sandals

Day 2

Chinos, t-shirt...

Add a swimsuit, waterproof jacket (Seasalt have some nice ones) and a pair of shorts.

If you are travelling light resist adding contingency stuff. Worst case you can always buy clothes in Lisbon.

Try to work through each day/evening and you should be left with a list of missing items/things to buy.

SaladDressing Sat 25-Mar-17 23:08:39

Should have added to try to limit colours. For example, navy, beige/natural and yellow. Or black, white, red. Or white, chocolate brown, turquoise... It doesn't have to be a uniform but will make packing easer if you have a number of things that go together.

Victoria1083 Sat 25-Mar-17 23:18:10

I would pack enough for 3 days and go shopping in Lisbon for the rest - Zara is so much better and cheaper over there than in the UK ;-) it's a relatively relaxed city with lots of hills and cobbled streets - might be worth bearing in mind when packing footwear

porkforsupper Sat 25-Mar-17 23:21:57

It always rains in April so a raincoat and layers as it can be cold or warmer.

Go to the science museum and the aquarium because they are fab.

Casualsmartlady Sun 26-Mar-17 17:34:57

Thanks for the replies - ok you are all so sensible and I definitely need a raincoat and perhaps a new cardigan for layering. I have tried my chinos on from gap a couple of seasons ago and they are looking tired. Any recommendations for any of the above? I also need a new bigger bag, maybe a tote?

I did look at Seasalt for coats and quite like but wonder about other options...Footwear isn't a problem as I have comfy flat (and nice) sandals from last year and converse. I love the idea of palette of colours that go, probably will go with blue, white, grey.

Any other thoughts, recommendations welcome.

ChristmasEvePJs Sun 26-Mar-17 18:34:46

DH and I are off to Malaga next weekend, they have similar climates.

Just packed and went for

Travel . Ankle grazer jeans with a turn up, white fitted tee, navy loose cardi and tan ankle boots with satchel.
1st evening. Same jeans, cream silk blouse, nude heels and beaded clutch.
Day 2. I got THIS dress in navy to wear with either brown leather sandals or ankle boots if it pours. Have a mustard cardi if needed.
2nd evening. V-neck khaki sleeveless silk dress with brown sandals and brown waterfall cardi.
Day 3. Navy chinos, mustard and white 3/4 brenton top, brown sandals.
3rd evening. Same jeans, beaded box top, nude heels and clutch.
Day 4, travelling home. Same navy chinos, cream v neck vest, same brown waterfall cardi and same sandals.

I have a hooded cream Mac to take going and everything else fits comfortably into my carry on case (including a selection of accessories).

ChristmasEvePJs Sun 26-Mar-17 18:37:39

My chinos are John Lewis own brand and still looking good after three summers!

Kr1stina Sun 26-Mar-17 18:43:31

Before you buy a tote bag, check that your airline allows two cabin bags and the size and weight restrictions.

Kr1stina Sun 26-Mar-17 18:52:53

Also remember to weigh your cabin bag and work from there . So if your weight limit is 10kg and your bag is 2kg, you only have 8 kg max.

Don't go out and buy anything without weighting what you have alrdeady.

I'd take

Lightweight jacket
Long Rain jacket
Small day sack
Small cross body bag
Good shoes for walking
Lightweight sandals
Chinos or similar
2 dresses
1 cotton jumper
1 cardigan
3 t shirts
Lightweight scarves
Swimwear if hotel has a pool

Casualsmartlady Sun 26-Mar-17 18:56:08

Ooh Christmas your outfits sound amazing! Great inspiration, thank you. I love that Phase 8 dress and will check out the JL chinos. Where did you get your mac and jeans from?

Kr - good point, will check first.

applecatchers36 Sun 26-Mar-17 19:01:25

My mum and Dad have just got back from Lisbon and found it cold. They are OAP's so a more sensitive to the weather but they said they found it colder than the UK. So maybe pack a warm jumper ot two..

user1471504234 Sun 26-Mar-17 22:44:13

The pavements are not only steep but also rather slippery so I'd recommend shoes or sandals with a good sole/grip.
It's a great city!

Costacoffeeplease Sun 26-Mar-17 22:49:12

It has been unusually colder here the last few days, by getting warmer from next week smile

ChristmasEvePJs Mon 27-Mar-17 17:25:14

The Mac is last season from Joules and my jeans are marks and spencer limited edition outlet bargain specials (they were £12!).

Churchillian Mon 27-Mar-17 20:42:16

We often go to Lisbon at Easter to visit family and it can be chilly and rainy- there's not much central heating either so it can be cold at night. It can be sunny but not swimsuit weather and maybe even sandals would be pushing it. I would take a light coat and plenty of layers plus maybe some ankle boots.

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