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Mineral oil and silicone free skincare on a budget

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Imstickingwiththisone Sat 25-Mar-17 09:54:59

I feel like this must have been well covered by now, but I literally cannot find the answer despite googling and AS on mumsnet.

I'm trying to improve my skin so buying some new products. I've read that both silicone and mineral oil can cause breakouts which is very useful to know. I have no idea how to find out what products do not include this though. I've looked at REN but can't be sure.

At the moment I'm just after a moisturiser but eventually I would like a serum and decent sulphate free cleanser. Would like each product to be less than £20 but will go up to £30 for the serum I it's good for acne scarring and uneven skin tone.

Any ideas?? Or am I asking the impossible and would need to pay much much more. If so I'll have to just stick to the mineral oils and silicone!

Shop Sat 25-Mar-17 18:13:21

Have a read through the fantastic skincare thread (the one with the snail!) as they're brilliant at knowing ingredients.

I use a few products from Facetheory which have all been great and I've repurchased and they don't use mineral oils etc

thefudgeling Sat 25-Mar-17 20:37:41

Organic surge moisturiser is great, as is doctor organic.

Destinysdaughter Sun 26-Mar-17 00:06:22

The Bodyshop may have some good products for you?

Imstickingwiththisone Sun 26-Mar-17 00:07:49

Oh I hadn't thought of Dr Organic! And the snail cream has some fantastic reviews! May purchase that and their tea tree face wash as I'm breaking out a lot since upping my skincare routine....I've gone from dove soap to digging out an old boots sanctuary hot cloth cleanser and loreal youth code moisturiser. I don't think I would fit in with the dedicated on the fantastic skincare thread grin

MusicToMyEars800 Sun 26-Mar-17 00:09:54
check this wonderful woman out, also check her out on youtube! she gives great advice on products ranging from high to low price ranges

DebiNewberry Sun 26-Mar-17 00:10:58

Boots botanics range may well have some good things. Or neals yard perhaps.

DebiNewberry Sun 26-Mar-17 00:13:16

Ch mainly £££. If you've started breaking out after 'upping' your skin care, why not go back to what you were doing before?

MichaelSheensNextDW Sun 26-Mar-17 06:59:58

The Vichy Aqualia serum and moisturisers are excellent and within your budget.

OftheUppahUplands Sun 26-Mar-17 07:15:04

The fantastic skincare thread is awesome for ingredients, and completely non judgey too.

I react to silicones in skin and hair are so can tell you what I use. But obviously that's only what works for me.

Silicones are anything on ingredients that ends in -cone... so dimethicone is one. Mineral oils I'm less sure of though

I use Face theory moisturiser which is great, and their website is really user friendly ingredients wise. Or the La Roche posay Toleriane fluid - often on 3 for 2 in boots

Superdrug do a Simply pure hydrating serum that I'm fairly sure is silicone free, I'm not 100% sure it's mineral oil free but think it might be

I can't remember if you said sulphate free too? But that's basically most things that foam. I use the Toleraine fermi cleanser which is lovely

Tanaqui Sun 26-Mar-17 07:18:27

I think Nivea sensitive moisturisers are silicone free (I use them when I can't run to the ££ for the clarins one l like!).
But only change one thing at a time and stop if it breaks you out!

Imstickingwiththisone Sun 26-Mar-17 10:21:29

Thanks everyone. My skin before was dry, red and spotty. Think the spots may be hormonal as I gave birth in January. In between the new spots (which are in new places so don't think these ones are hormonal) I can see my skin is in better condition so am continuing until I buy new products as I'm already spotty iyswim.

I checked Caroline hirons but I hate the blog format and having to trawl through so many posts to get the info you want. I've realised what a decent routine should be so I'm building myself up to that. Slowly.

I read th first page of the fantastic skincare thread and saw that I would have to read the old threads which have 1000 posts in and then give info about the state of my skin that I don't even have via a form. I've been lazy with my skin for years so I don't know what works or doesn't, but I know that avoiding mineral oils and silicones is meant to be the best so that's what I'm aiming for.

Thank you for all these options though, every product I looked at seemed to contain one of the 'baddies'. I find the mineral oil one difficult as they can be called so many different things and it's hard flicking between screens on my phone to find what they're called grin

Hulder Sun 26-Mar-17 10:24:40

Mineral oil is probably overstated by Caroline Hirons and people who want to charge you more for 'natural' products

I love Cerave moisturiser -depressingly only via Amazon/eBay in the UK- full of ceramides, hyaluronic and niacinamide (great for acne) and much cheaper than similar products which usually whack up the prices for ceramides.

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