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Cleanser and moisturiser for the odd cystic spot..please help

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sugarlost Fri 24-Mar-17 21:28:36

I'm currently using Elemis resurfacing which was working well until a few days ago...a deep spot that stays a bump and scar has's been a while .

Booked to see GP but previously on various topical and prescribed face washes which excessively dried my skin and didn't appear to help so I gave it a good few months and stopped. Reduced sugar, dairy which seemed to help and researched products as usual...tried most...Avene, la roche etc.
Been on the pill previously which worked but had to stop.

My problem is not severe and I'm fortunate but when a stubborn one appears I'm sad and lose confidence with the bump and scaring.

The Elemis cleanser requires a SPF but I would like something for the summer that doesn't specifically state I need SPF as I'm worried about pigmentation.

Many thanks for reading

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