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Indeed Labs retinol

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Bleurghghghgh Fri 24-Mar-17 12:51:40

Anyone used it? Any thoughts?

ilovecherries Fri 24-Mar-17 13:53:36

I have some sitting in the cupboard to try after I finish The Ordinary one. I have already opened their Vit C and I'm liking that. (Sorry, no help at all!)

Gusthetheatrecat Fri 24-Mar-17 20:11:53

I highly recommend it. One of the only facial products I have that really makes a difference for me if I'm religious about using it. I'm trying out the Ordinary Retinol atm but find indeed labs so good I may just go back to it.

Bleurghghghgh Sun 26-Mar-17 12:51:32

Great, thank** you gus. I was going to try the ordinary one first but the delivery wait is so long and I want nice skin NOW so I'll pop to boots shortly.

What effects has it had for you gus?

Bleurghghghgh Sun 26-Mar-17 13:40:15

@teenyftroon mine are ridged, some bendy and some flaky. You can get different nail envys for different needs but I've always used the original. You have to paint two coats on and then one coat ever other day until day 7 when you remove and start again. Once I've done this once I wear it under polish (and under normal base coat rather than instead of) and then my nails are fine. I can really tell when I run out and don't use it for a couple of weeks

TeenyfTroon Sun 26-Mar-17 15:18:55

Thanks, Bleurghghghgh. I think I'll give it a go. Nailtiques is one coat every day for 5 days, then remove and repeat, and of course sometimes i am more diligent than others, or I just forget!

Gusthetheatrecat Sun 26-Mar-17 17:36:48

It just generally makes my skin look better, if that's not too vague! Brighter, more radiant, lines less obvious, better texture. Hmmmm. I may have to buy some more immediately now I've said that....

Bleurghghghgh Mon 27-Mar-17 00:02:52

That isn't too vague at all - it basically covers what I'm after! I don't have any major skin issues, I just want it to look nicer! I've just put some on and followed with rosewatr and rosehip oil (another 'my skin but nicer' product) and am looking forward to looking AMAZING tomorrow. On 6hours sleep. I can dream

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