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Serum seems like primer?

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Goldfishjane Wed 22-Mar-17 19:54:00

Hi all
My normally normal skin has been slightly dry lately. My sis, who is probably on the "hoard" thread, grin told me to start using a serum and I tried a couple from her.

One was pricey, can't recall brand, felt like a primer.

Other was Nip + Fab...felt like a primer....!

Is this what they seem like but they are actually doing fab moisturising? I don't need an oil, that would be way too rich, but I'm not sure whether to buy a serum or just have two different moisturisers or something....?


Goldfishjane Wed 22-Mar-17 23:00:14

Bump for the night time crowd....

jeaux90 Wed 22-Mar-17 23:10:46

Embryolisse do one which is fab. Under foundation or moisturiser. Online from boots only (unless you live in France grin)

My skin looks great and I'm 45

I do use it for both dryness and as a primer

Goldfishjane Wed 22-Mar-17 23:25:46

Oh so they do feel like primers?
It almost seemed like they should be applied after moisturiser has been absorbed.

LadyOfTheCanyon Thu 23-Mar-17 03:33:01

I use various serums to address different things : Aqualia for dryness, Good Genes to brighten and even complexion, Dragons Blood to firm etc etc but I always moisturise afterwards in the winter/spring/autumn.

In summer my skin becomes weirdly perfect in that it never needs moisturiser so I continue to use just serums as they actively do something other than add unnecessary moisture.

If you feel serum is enough then carry on without moisturiser. But serums should always go on first after cleanse and tone.

Goldfishjane Thu 23-Mar-17 10:43:13

sorry Lady I wasn't clear
I wasn't thinking the serum was doing much really, it seemed like a primer.

better explanation - I'm a runner and the weather has been horrible and windy here so I think it's taken a bit of moisture out of my face that's normally there!

So I was really looking for a bit of extra moisture. What I think I shall do is buy something very thick like Astral and just put that on the dry bits for now.

I've seen other threads going on about how serum is so amazing so I guess I was expecting something more impressive!

My skin is much better in summer too but then I sleep better in summer. Everything is better in summer smile

thanks all.

jeaux90 Thu 23-Mar-17 19:41:13

Ohhhhhhh ok. I like the sanctuary face oil. I use it at night. I'm a swimmer so my face often feels a bit tight and dry. (I also use the aloe Vera Vaseline when it's super dry after swimming blush)

mowglik Fri 24-Mar-17 10:18:56

Try the Superdrug simply pure hydrating serum - cheap as chips and doesn't have the siliconey primer feel but is full of hydrating goodness.

Otherwise maybe try one drop of oil mixed in with your moisturiser, I have oily skin and do this using argan oil and it's just enough extra moisture for me.

Goldfishjane Fri 24-Mar-17 11:31:15

Thanks mow, sounds good.

Goldfishjane Fri 24-Mar-17 15:05:24

Popped to Superdrug at lunchtime
Wasn't there, didn't buy anything else as I suddenly realised I have no idea which ingredient creates that primer feel that I want to avoid, nothing actually says "silicone" on the ingredients
Skincare is getting way too complicated!

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