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Geox trainers

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PollyPerky Wed 22-Mar-17 12:17:49

Are they frumpsville or ok?
I need something for city walking and find Converse and Superga uncomfortable after a while as they are so flat. Mainly to wear with skinny jeans or chinos.

I was looking at some fairly conventional Geox trainer type shoes - not glittery or with wedgies or anything.

SpringGlade004 Wed 22-Mar-17 12:29:25

I have a bit of a 'thing' for trainers so have quite a few pairs blush. I have Converse and Superga and totally agree..not great for a huge amount of walking. Of all my trainers I must say my Nike Roshe Runs are THE most comfortable for a lot of walking. They come in loads of different colours depending on your preference. Sorry no Geox experience confused but hope this helps?!

Rosebag Wed 22-Mar-17 12:32:36

I have literally just bought Geox nebula black glitter trainers. I think they're gorgeous and as comfortable as slippers. Quite slimline and my late teen and twenty something DSs approve.

AlexanderHamilton Wed 22-Mar-17 12:34:25

My daughter dances & is recovering from an ankle injury. Her teacher has told her that Geox are one of the most supportive trainer she can wear & to wear them as much as possible.

PollyPerky Wed 22-Mar-17 12:36:31

Thanks will look at the NIke too.

minipie Wed 22-Mar-17 13:01:44

I'm wearing New Balance suede trainers and finding them very comfy. They have a proper squidgy sole rather than the rigid Converse "plimsoll" type. Geox do have a good reputation for foot support though - I just prefer the look of new balance.

PollyPerky Wed 22-Mar-17 13:02:42

Ok thanks. I don't have feet that need support, especially, I just find my calves ache if I do 4 miles of city walking in totally flat shoes.

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