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Waist cincher to go under a wedding dress- any recommendations?

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WanderingNotLost Wed 22-Mar-17 02:26:03

Been looking online but finding so many contradictory reviews my head is spinning! I'm a size 8-10 but don't have much of a waist and really narrow hips, so I want something to really pull me in at the waist and give me a bit more curve smile

This is the dress it needs to go under.

Any help appreciated!

herecomesthsun Wed 22-Mar-17 06:58:44

I would suggest, if you can, making an appointment with Rigby and Peller and possibly taking the dress (though this might be impractical and cumbersome) . I did this and took the bodice part of my dress. They found an amazing and rather cute mini corset thing (which my new husband later had huge difficulty untying).

They might allow you to buy an option or two to try on at home and return unworn the one you don't want (I would check this!).

Or you could phone them up and ask whether they have any such items lurking about( in a back cupboard, possibly, as mine was) in the London store and whether they could send you them by post?

AgathaMystery Thu 23-Mar-17 17:20:41

Does the dress not have a huge corset inside it? My experience was that most wedding. Dresses had corsets down to mid thigh. Certain the case with Suzanne Neville, JA, Ian Stuart & Jenny packham

guffaux Thu 23-Mar-17 20:40:49

not much help to offer but wanted to say how much i love that dress-hope you have a lovely day

WanderingNotLost Mon 27-Mar-17 16:12:39

The does is corset but only as far as the waist, and I'm a bit concerned about sort of bulging out underneath in, so I'm looking for something to sort of pull me in and smooth everything out, if that makes sense?

FrustratedFrugal Mon 27-Mar-17 18:10:57

A waist cincher might make you uncomfortable during your big day. I have a waist cincher for a cocktail dress and I have used it just once or twice - sweaty, ouchy and not really great if you intend to enjoy the party. I'm size 10-12 and fairly straight up and down.

I'd recommend a proper corsetier, they will know how to make it comfier to wear.

itsbetterthanabox Tue 28-Mar-17 00:11:49

High waisted up to bra stomach and waist smoothing pants would be much more comfortable whilst smoothing with light control.
Like this-
The dress is stunning btw!

thegoatwhogotthequiche Tue 28-Mar-17 06:19:13

This would do it, if you live near Portsmouth you can go and be fitted and they post it on for you. They are amazing corsets, oddly comfortable to once you get used to them!

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