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Spring/summer jackets for less casual dressers

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Hairq Tue 21-Mar-17 09:54:32

I struggle with this every year. During autumn and winter I have a various dramatic, fairly glamorous coats that I wear (furry collars, velvet, tweed, well cut, a bit vintage - that sort of thing). They are 100% me and I feel very comfortable in them.

So what is someone with my sort of style supposed to wear as a jacket in spring and summer? It's easy to find casual styles and blazers, but blazers feel too structured in the summer and Anything else makes me feel unstylish and scruffy. Summer jackets look great on most people but they just don't suit me. So what can I wear? I get cold!!

For context, I'm a SAHM and don't work in an office so even though I'm not a casual dresser, I'm not office smart either.

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