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"Bloating" - remind me, I am a novice

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Trills Mon 20-Mar-17 14:40:39

I am normally of the opinion that people should just wear clothes that fit, so I have forgotten or perhaps never learned any of this stuff, but I've got into a position where I'm going out after work in a few days and will be wearing something with a waistband.

One of those that zips up fine, but where there's no flexibility, and you don't want it to get any tighter. You know the kind I mean.

So what should I be doing to make sure it does not accidentally get uncomfortably tight?

I will be eating lunch, I have no intention of drinking one glass of champagne and falling over.

Something something wheat something something caffeine, is that it? Is caffeine even related at all? I am in no way intolerant of wheat or dairy, I eat both all the time.

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