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Help accessorizing for a wedding!

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Scribblegirl Mon 20-Mar-17 12:02:45

Link for dress:

So I've bought this lovely dress for a friend's wedding in the next couple of months and need help accessorizing it! It's not quite as formal as I usually go for weddings, but the last couple I've turned up and inadvertently looked a bit bridesmaid-y blush. I know it's styled with white tennis shoes in the pic but I think it can be styled up.

What I will need is a) shoes, b) something to cover up in the evening and c) general pretty things to add to it grin.

I have a black wrap that I was thinking for the cover up - but is that too bridesmaidy again? I'm not really a jacket type of person (large 12/small 14 everywhere but the boobs, where I'm a 16 - jackets never sit right, I'm just delighted the dress fits them!).

Shoes - my usual go to would be something black, but is there a better colour to go for with the dress? Probably need to be quite chunky as it's a barn wedding so high likelihood of being outside at points.

Pretty things - silver jewellery? I don't usually go for pendants (again, boobs) so something short and pretty - maybe even pearl? I was also toying with a cocktail hat to make it a bit more dressy (e.g. but would that look ridiculous?

All help greatly appreciated, for various reasons I need to look good at this wedding wink so critique away!

KavvLar Wed 22-Mar-17 21:30:40

The dress is lovely. When's the wedding, if it's likely to be a bit warmer then maybe you could get a soft cardigan in a contrasting colour? Maybe nude or silver heels rather than black?

NewPantsforaNewYear Wed 22-Mar-17 22:41:42

Great dress. I'd be tempted to pick out the teal of the centre of the flowers for one of your accessories.
I love these shoes and the heel would be ideal for a barn wedding, although the velvet may be a bit heavy for spring.
Not sure about that particular cocktail hat. I think it's a bit too 'vampy' for the dress.
What is your hair like?

NewPantsforaNewYear Wed 22-Mar-17 22:52:32

I don't think you'll want to get this shipped over from Italy but look at this fab hat.

I'm also rather taken with the American pink daisies

NewPantsforaNewYear Wed 22-Mar-17 22:54:01

The neck of the dress is quite high so I think you may be better going for earrings or bracelets than a necklace.

NewPantsforaNewYear Wed 22-Mar-17 22:55:31

Teal block heels

Lucked Wed 22-Mar-17 23:06:47

You could wear a pendant on a large longer chain like this in the longer length or even longer. It's the only type of statementy piece I can imagine working.

NewPantsforaNewYear Wed 22-Mar-17 23:14:51

Silver daisy bangle

NewPantsforaNewYear Thu 23-Mar-17 00:26:34

Alternatively, black shoes, black waterfall jacket (I know the picture shows it in black, daisy bangle and peach sinamay hair clip

LadyB49 Thu 23-Mar-17 00:47:23

Chunky teal sandals look great.
I'd go for bangles and earrings. Pearls ...maybe chunky.
Definitely nothing at the neck.
Pashmina for cosy evening ..... if needed.

TheGaleanthropist Thu 23-Mar-17 01:41:49

It's got quite a Sixties feel to it, so I'd be tempted to go down that road a little bit.
*Cropped cardigan,
*Either a long pendant necklace (I know you said you don't do pendants, but one long enough to go past the boobs, not sit on them can work-I have the same proportions as you) or possibly short multi-string pearls clipped together with a cameo brooch,
*Maybe a brooch rather than a necklace in fact
*winged eyeliner
*slightly bouffant sideswept hair hair with a large jewelled clip to opposite side
*block heeled sandals.

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