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Should i have my hair cut or leave it to grow - opinions from hairdressers partic welcome

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DrScholl Mon 20-Mar-17 09:10:26

trying to grow to shoulder blades
I last had it cut end of Jan and have an appointment booked for end of April.
condition is ok.
Should i have it done little and often ( as people oft say) or is that just drumming up business for hairdressers? ;)

If i leave it LONG between cuts is a bigger chunk off inevitable?

carrie74 Mon 20-Mar-17 10:32:48

Not a hairdresser, but I am growing my hair (from a pixie, currently just past chin length and it's been nearly a year).

I HAVE been going for regular trims (about every weeks rather than my usual 6). I also need it coloured frequently, so have started getting a colour and trim at same time. Personally, it helps give it a shape as it's growing in, so it's not been a painful process at all, with no awkward in between stages -at every point my hair has looked as though it's in a deliberate style. And although my hairdresser only snips off the bare minimum, it looks so healthy again, and I realise it was getting a bit damaged at the ends.

I think it depends, if you're not noticing how it looks (e.g., you're wearing it up every day anyway), and the condition is good (obvs I colour and then blow dry my hair pretty much every other day which takes its toll - although I use Moroccan oil and a good heat protector spray now), then you'll be fine. But if you're feeling at all bleurgh about your hair, then I'd be going in for regular trims.

NearlyChristmasNow Mon 20-Mar-17 10:33:08

If the ends are in good condition, I would just leave it to grow, and only have a trim if it starts to feel untidy. (I'm not a hairdresser!)
Keep it well conditioned too, so that you won't feel the need to have a more cut off when you do go to the hairdressers.

Pandsbear Mon 20-Mar-17 11:12:54

I I think it also comes down to how much ££ you have to spend! If you are able to have it trimmed into a revised style as you go along then it helps. I am just gritting my teeth and letting my hair grow - can't justify my hairdresser's prices for a few mm off the ends. So far I have not had my hair cut since November and it still looks ok. I know it is not as polished as it could be but it is not bothering me (yet).

selfishcrab Mon 20-Mar-17 11:15:43

I used to be a stylist (30 years) I have mine cut when the ends are bad.
What I used to say to clients was every 12 weeks when growing and then only the baby ends off.
Just look at the ends and if they are ok then leave, if they are split have them cut as the split travels.

KanyeWesticle Mon 20-Mar-17 11:43:12

Having it cut won't make it grow any quicker. But if it's got split ends, it will tidy it up in the meantime.

I'm growing mine at the moment - aiming for every 12 weeks, in reality it's been 16 or so, but not looking too split or scruffy. As it gets longer I don't have to straighen it so much, as I can put it up, so I think it's less damaged.

DrScholl Mon 20-Mar-17 12:54:01

ooh arent you all HELPFUL

thank you. was shoulder length anyway, then broke so had big chop now trying to get it to my tits before i DIE

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