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Hair straightener- ghd or some other make?

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Faz2015 Sun 19-Mar-17 23:00:50

Heeeelllppp!! I have had my current ghd for about 10 years.. but my DH recently stepped on them and not only broke them, but also my heart..

Anyways I was going to blindly order a new pair of ghds.. when DH suggested I ask fellow mumsnetters, their opinion.
I just a quick read on trusted google, and it seems that newer ghds aren't as mind blowing amazing as they used to be...

Now I'm confused.. do I blindly stay commuted to my trusted ghds or look at other options?? Please help!!

rollonthesummer Sun 19-Mar-17 23:03:04

My hairdresser told me recently that the new GHDs are nowhere near as good as the original ones that are solid and very reliable. She said it was worth trying to get an old pair of the originals from eBay.

Summerisdone Sun 19-Mar-17 23:10:38

I always swore by GHD's, nothing came close to them in my opinion. 4 years ago however mine broke so DNan bought me a pair of babyliss, I resolved to using them as I had nothing else but told myself I would get some GHDs as soon as I could afford them.
My Babyliss were brilliant though and they're still going strong now, I never did bother to replace them with GHDs

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