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Actual waterproof coat

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riskyinred Sun 19-Mar-17 22:08:59

I've just spent the weekend getting soaked in the Yorkshire Dales as my Regatta coat which claims it is waterproof, and which cost me GBP70, is anything but. May as well have been wearing a cotton top and that's after I have weatherproofed it with some stuff.

I have Glastonbury coming up so need something actually waterproof that isn't a plastic bag. I can't cope with the clammy feeling you get in cheap raincoats. I walk to work so needs a hood.

Got my eye on Seasalt coats - are they really waterproof not just showerproof? What is the sizing like? I'm on the upper end.

Outside of Seasalt I want waterproof and not just light drizzle proof, what should I be looking for?

Any recommendations? Doesn't have to be winter coat warm but slightly warm would be a bonus.

ScrambledSmegs Sun 19-Mar-17 22:15:09

My Seasalt 'waterproof' Hellweathers coat was more what I'd describe as showerproof at best, until I nikwax tech-washed the thing. Now it's waterproof but I have to re-waterproof it reasonably frequently. I find mine slightly on the big side, it looks great but for Glasto I really wouldn't bother. You need something that's genuinely waterproof.

HarrietSchulenberg Sun 19-Mar-17 22:19:32

I have a Craghoppers parka that's water AND wind proof. Regatta is rubbish. OK for a Sunday ramble in mild drizzle but not for anything that requires you to be outdoors in actual weather for more than a few minutes.

frazzled3ds Sun 19-Mar-17 22:32:48

I have a Berghaus coat - two parts (bought as separate items) comprising a fleece and then goretex waterproof bit. Bought both in the sale, but have previously bought similar at full price. Worth every penny! My previous set took me across Dartmoor in horizontal rain and wind and I was warm and dry, and this set have stood up to some pretty harsh weather well too. I regard it as an 'investment' purchase, but I definitely get the wear out of it (my previous set lasted almost 10 years I think).

ErrolTheDragon Sun 19-Mar-17 22:45:09

Thinnish proper walking coat with goretex membrane, proper wired hood, layered with fleece. And if you want to do it properly, a pair of Goretex overtrousers too. Berghaus is reasonable quality and not the most expensive. Not sure this really belongs in S&B!grin but you'll look so much better than the drowned rats in pretty but inadequate coats.

SesameSparkle Sun 19-Mar-17 22:59:09

Seasalt is waterproof and now go up to size 24 in some models - they are generously sized. I think their coats also now come with a guarantee, in case you have any issues in the future. If you want a good long lasting waterproof, and maybe something light and packable for summer then look for a proper outdoors supplier and good brand - I have a north face summer weight waterproof I got in their outlet store. It was costly at the time, but fantastic value in terms of £ per wear.

Ticketybooboo Sun 19-Mar-17 23:04:49

I have a Barbour Seafarer (bought in the sale) and it's not leaked yet.

GardenGeek Sun 19-Mar-17 23:08:45

Canada Goose but they are v.v.v.v.v.v.expensive

yes the extra v's are necessary shock

PoniesandProsecco Sun 19-Mar-17 23:14:02

I have a toggi coat which I use for dog walking and festivals! I bought it from a country store a few years ago, it's great as it's got sleeves that you can tighten up at the wrist and it's elasticed at the bottom and a great big good that folds away when it's dry, it's also lightweight yet warm! I love it will try find a similar link to one

Taytotots Sun 19-Mar-17 23:20:54

I have two seasalt coats - kellifray (summer) and plant hunter (winter). I've found them to be really waterproof and windproof - i did a lot of beach walking in mine. Sizing is generous so you might need to size down. Otherwise go for a decent outdoor band like berghaus. I'm not qualified to comment on style - i fear the fact my mum has the same cost as me may speak for itself wink.

JunosRevenge Sun 19-Mar-17 23:40:25

North Face and Berghaus.

Not cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for. I've had my last North Face jacket for 7 years and it is still going strong.

tovelitime Sun 19-Mar-17 23:44:47

North face and berghaus. Both are ugly as sin but absolutely waterproof

trixymalixy Sun 19-Mar-17 23:53:59

Protected species jackets are lovely and totally waterproof

trixymalixy Sun 19-Mar-17 23:55:49

protected species

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