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Eliza22 Sun 19-Mar-17 15:02:53

For years (all my life really) I've done day cream and night cream. Expensive products to Boots own. Recently, was so knackered one night I'd gotten into bed without night cream and although I could have got back out and slapped some on. I just thought, "I'm turning off the light...that's it!" Next morning I awoke with soft skin (I'd expected it to be bone dry) and so, have not used any night cream, at all (a dab of eye cream) for about ten days.

Result? My skin looks better. Brighter. No less perky than before. Not dull. And has a nice soft sheeny look to it, first thing. Now, I'm 55 and I'm not saying it's taken years off me but, I think my skin's kind of self-regulating; normalising itself.

Anyone else do this? Anyone willing to experiment?

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