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Did we ever work out which Amazon keratin blow dry kits to buy now?

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Hairq Sun 19-Mar-17 14:59:38

There are quite a few under the cocochoco (or something) name, but the cheapest one is apparently decanted into a smaller bottle from the manufacturers bottle. £15.95, don't want to buy it if it might be fake. Has anyone bought one from Amazon since the old Ines disappeared who can advise?

Pollyanna9 Sun 19-Mar-17 15:06:21

Keratin Kits has disappeared too! There's only the shampoos left on there, not the keratin straightening fluid. I don't know what to buy now!

I've not tried the brand you've mentioned.

Hairq Sun 19-Mar-17 18:57:48

Helllllp uuuuuuussssssss!

Pollyanna9 Sun 19-Mar-17 19:23:31

I know right!! Keratin kits did a kit with the clarifying shampoo ( you can use use Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, nothing special needed) and there were about £25 and that little tub would last me for ages because it would be months between treatments.

Arrgh, I was really at home with Keratin Kits... sad face.

Its quite hard to buy as well (whichever brand you go for) as you get shampoos and conditioners and hair masks all marked as 'keratin' but I just want the actual keratin treatment, you know?!?

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