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any idea of how i could revamp my work wardrobe?

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therootoftheroot Sun 19-Mar-17 14:31:14

work in a primary school
have recently had two different children comment on two different items of clothing ' Oh my nan has got that...'

cue me going hmm and sad

a typical day can involve climbing ladders, kneeling down a lot, using paint/playdough, sitting on very small chairs, reaching over children, meeting other adults in a professional capacity etc

can't show shoulders or cleavage
leggings are frowned on
must be layered because can be very hot then five minutes later very cold

have always worn [in the winter and spring] black trousers, black boots and various shirts and chunky cardigans.

am a bit depressed at thought it all being very dull and old looking.

am 5'11
size 20
quite norky

RedMetamorphosis Sun 19-Mar-17 18:23:38

Could you mix up the styles/colours a bit? So sticking with trousers, shirts and chunky cardi, but different style trousers?

Gap have money off chinos/khakis at the moment in various different colours - like these with a shirt. Maybe with a blazer over the top.

My sister is a similar size and has a few of these shirts in different colours. We've also both just bought the same top - here which is great with black/navy trousers.

Perhaps order a few jersey blazers and wear them with your current clothes instead of the cardigans and see how they look. I normally turn to blazers when I'm wanting to freshen up my work wardrobe. River Island have some great ones at the moment.

therootoftheroot Sun 19-Mar-17 18:36:56

love the gap shirt
have just spotted some nice slim fitting trousers there too so might get them
might look younger than my current ones

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