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Skincare help - acne prone skin.

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paperdoll83 Sun 19-Mar-17 00:20:03

I'm 33, I have PCOS and my main symptom of this is bad skin. I suffered horrendous acne in my teens which has left some slight scarring, and even though it's not nearly as bad anymore my skin has never been beautiful and clear. I get angry hormonal spots, I have lots of open pores on T-zone and chin, and my skin just looks red and bumpy.

I'm getting married towards the end of this year, and would really like my skin to be in the best condition it can. Any decent skincare product recommendations please? I've tried medications in the past and don't really want to go back down that route, but must admit I've only used cheaper end products from pharmacies/body shop etc, so maybe it's worth spending on some pricier stuff? I don't mind if it works, I'm just clueless about makeup and beauty products and don't know what's out there. Thanks.

ThatIsNachoCheese Sun 19-Mar-17 00:49:16

I have found pixi glow tonic has really helped my skin.
I also tried liquid gold which didn't help (and is more expensive) and bravura, which also didn't help, so I've just gone back to pixi and it's helped straight away.

hollinhurst84 Sun 19-Mar-17 01:05:47

Come over to the fantastic skincare thread and there's loads of help smile

SwimmingMom Sun 19-Mar-17 08:53:07

I've had similar issues all my life. While there are various over the counter remedies that the right experts can advise you on, the one thing that has100% cleaned my skin, removed redness & patches & reduced the puffiness & open pores is eliminating Sugar completely from my diet. In just 2 weeks. So, above all other remedies if you can do the same, either from now or closer to your Dday, you will see glowing results.
I kid you not - various family, friends, colleagues have said that my skin is glowing - with zero make up. From being ashamed I
am now proud of my skin!

Losgunna Sun 19-Mar-17 09:17:15

The things that have really helped me are changing my diet (cut out /down sugar, caffeine and upped water and veggies), stopped wearing make up (except special occasions) and finding the right cleanse tone and moisturise routine for my skin, which for me is Lush Ultrabland cleanser, tea tree toner and vanishing cream moisturiser. I use warm not hot water and a clean face cloth each time, wash my face every day and use toner/moisturiser top ups throughout the day if it's feeling a bit dry/oily.

My skin is both eczema and acne prone (lucky me hmm) and it's gone from very angry, sore red acne with massive inflamed whiteheads and a few nasty blind spots that took ages to go and we're painful to touch and big itchy flaky patches all the time to a few little spots around my periods and the odd breakout if I leave makeup on for too long.

It's not perfect but compared to how it used to be it's totally different. It's just nice for it to not hurt tbh!

JDSTER Sun 19-Mar-17 12:30:46

paperdoll, it depends on what you're using at the moment. As Hollinhurst has said there's an ongoing thread (the one with the 🐌) There's a link to all the previous threads at the start of the thread so if you can take a bit of time out and read through them, there's lots of advice.

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