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I don't care what you say about Oliver James, his pink sweater is ill-advised.

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Caligula Mon 05-Mar-07 21:34:39

Whether you agree with Affluenza or not.

Like what he's saying though.

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 05-Mar-07 21:35:39

Caligula, you are making me PMSL today

Pruni Mon 05-Mar-07 21:40:08

Message withdrawn

simplycontrolfreaky Mon 05-Mar-07 21:40:48

pink sweaters so v often ill advised imho

Heathcliffscathy Mon 05-Mar-07 21:41:00

agreed. on both counts.

i do like him....going against the mn flow....but i really think he makes absolute sense

simplycontrolfreaky Mon 05-Mar-07 21:42:30

he is a nice man (if a little posh and smarmy).... i've met him a few times.

Pruni Mon 05-Mar-07 21:43:06

Message withdrawn

Jimjams2 Mon 05-Mar-07 21:52:29

ha haI've just said I like it on another thread- it's striking!

Heathcliffscathy Mon 05-Mar-07 21:53:37

how come simply?

simplycontrolfreaky Mon 05-Mar-07 22:14:52

friend of a friend..... some time ago now..... before he was your bona fide meeeja star

morningpaper Mon 05-Mar-07 22:16:28

Caligula you are wrong

Pink Sweaters are very manly

Who can doubt the sexual potence of a man in a pink jumper?

Caligula Mon 05-Mar-07 22:17:55

Well I've just had 2 glasses of wine and I'm still not convinced about the potency...

Piffle Mon 05-Mar-07 22:18:47

got to be very close to your masculinity and secure in your manliness to wear pink...

morningpaper Mon 05-Mar-07 22:20:19

Exactly Piffle

I would like to strap myself to his rocket

Caligula Mon 05-Mar-07 22:25:33

<Snort> You'd better quote that in your next newsletter MP.


Piffle Mon 05-Mar-07 22:28:52

that much testosterone Mp who knows where he'd fire you off to
South lebanon maybe?

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