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Do we like these Vivienne Westwood shoes?

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Isobela Sat 18-Mar-17 18:35:34

Been hanging my nose over them for a while.
I'm thinking wearing them with skinny trousers at work or skinny jeans for casual.
Or will I be chavvy?!?!

FormerlyFrikadela01 Sat 18-Mar-17 18:37:24

Sorry i think they look really cheap and a bit plasticy. Are they that jelly shoe material? How much are they?

BusterGonad Sat 18-Mar-17 18:38:38

They do lean to the chavy side of the spectrum!

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Sat 18-Mar-17 18:39:20

Am a big Viv fan, but always think those shoes would be a bit erm...sweaty. I don't hate them; just can't imagine them feeling all that nice.

CurlsLDN Sat 18-Mar-17 18:44:02

I think they've been around for years and don't look very stylish these days

BounceBounceSplishSplash Sat 18-Mar-17 18:59:59

No, they're cheap plastic jelly shoes that will make your feet sweat and most likely cut them to shreds. I think they had their moment maybe about 10 years ot so ago.

Isobela Sat 18-Mar-17 19:10:31

They are about £100. I know what you are saying about cheap looking but I just thought they could pass for more casual wear.
I was in 2 minds anyway so grateful for the comments smile

peaceloveandbiscuits Sat 18-Mar-17 19:12:49

Are these the Melissa ones? I tried some on years ago and they were awful. Really disappointed as they were probably the only pair of VW shoes I'll ever be able to afford envy

Isobela Sat 18-Mar-17 19:19:15

Yes Melissa. Why were they awful? The fit or style?

peaceloveandbiscuits Sat 18-Mar-17 19:19:56

The fit

skippythebushkangarootoo Sat 18-Mar-17 19:20:55

I had some and they squished my toes and rubbed 🙈

ScoobyDoosTinklyLaugh Sat 18-Mar-17 19:22:30

I had a pair similar to these years ago and they made my feet dead sweaty and cut my feet up to shit. They were just about okay if I was wearing tights. Also I really like Viv W but I find the stuff with massive orbs on tacky.

flossyfloss Sat 18-Mar-17 19:28:13

My 16 year old had them, they're nice but are definitely jelly material

barefoofdoctor Sat 18-Mar-17 19:31:21

I like them. They are/were cheap on brandalley recently. Very cute!

RiverdaleJughead Sat 18-Mar-17 19:50:29

I have the heeled Viv version of these plastic shoes - they smell amazing, but i got mine when i was 15 so not so much anymore. THE SWEAT ... your feet sweat, and these collect that sweat. It doesnt soak in, you take your shoe off and there is water pooled in the shoe and your feet are WET ...avoid avoid avoid.
Maybe try Tory Burch for that style?

AmserGwin Sat 18-Mar-17 20:09:06

No they look like they cost about £6. I have shoes that cost £6 that look better than these

CaoNiMartacus Sat 18-Mar-17 20:10:08

I would totally brave the sweat and pain for those. I love Vivienne W. I think you could de-chav (feel a bit bad saying that!) them if you wore them with black tights or a "posh" outfit.

MumBod Sat 18-Mar-17 20:18:33

YY to the sweat. I had a heeled pair too. Unwearable.

Samsbakery Sat 18-Mar-17 21:19:23

I've got the black ones and I love them!
I wear them for work with black tights and a pencil skirt or with navy or black slim/skinny cropped trousers, get loads of compliments and no sweating issues, they're so comfy, feels like I've got my slippers on.

Isobela Sat 18-Mar-17 22:26:35

Yay Sam, finally a positive vote smile

kalinkafoxtrot45 Sat 18-Mar-17 22:28:46

I have some. They are super comfy.

crapfatbanana Sat 18-Mar-17 22:31:17

I thought they were going to be some sexy and flamboyant tartan heels.

These are quite boring for Vivienne Westwood. If you want plastic flatties get some from Asda or Primark and save your money.

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